TvC [ Netcode Feedback ] Thread

I use a LAN adapter, and i have had very few issues. most matches i played today were fairly smooth, but 1 or 2 were very laggy and most of the time just having input lag.

I’m using a LAN adapter on my school’s internet and only played like two or three people where lag wasn’t too bad. All the other matches had very noticeable input delay for me. Probably getting unlucky on who I’m playing on ranked matches.

Wifi adapter. It ain’t no SFIV, but it’s aight. Can’t imagine the LAN adapter making that big of a difference.

I use a Wii Lan Adapter (Datel Model) on a cable connection. So far all the online matches I have done have been pretty decent in connection. I’d give it a 7.5/10 at best on netcode from my experience.

I have wireless and most of my matches are nearly unplayable. Granted, I live in Europe and pretty much have only fought american guys yet. When I played someone from Asia and two other people from Europe, it still had some lag, but was very playable. My internet isn’t the best anyway, so I’m fairly satisfied with the netcode.

I played 3 wireless just now, and the first one had maybe a second of input lagg. The other two were flawless, as if I were playing my brother who was right next to me. I was very impressed at how well the games went.

im on the LAN adapter, most of my matches are great

when I DO get a laggy one its like full on 2 second pause tho goddamn

Im on the LAN adaptor. So far, at its best, TvC has yet to be as good as SF4 online (which I already do not play because it has too much input delay for me). It also has the same problem as SF4’s only, only amplified, in that the latency between your inputs and your actions actively changes during the same match, making many actions all but a guessing game. Sure, you can muscle memory your combos out even in half-second lag, but famitsu was right. Its considerable, and its a total game changer.

If you are the type of player who frequently goes to tournaments (live in-person ones) or has offline competition, the online is not going to be good for you.

i heard if you port forward and DMZ your wii that it improves it by alot

I will look into that.

For future reference, the Wii’s ports are 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443.

So I’ve been playing with a friend and while I only had slight input lag, he has over a second of input lag.

I’m wondering how many of these “playable” games are only so for one side.

Ok, so I DMZed my Wii. It’s better, but still not very good.

Do I need to be next to my router for the Lan adapter to work?

It’s wired so no. As long as your wire can reach the Wii.

My router is literally four floors down from my Wii (had to drill a hole through the wall, then through the garage ceiling and into my room through another wall :rofl: ).

You went through all that? I just got a REALLY long one and stretched it.

I’ve got 2 in fact it seems to make my PS3 way faster too.

Were you the host?

Strange, I assumed that for this type of netcode, the game made an effort to sync things so that input lag was roughly equal. If not, this would suck.

Well, I fought my first few matches online via WiFi.
Everytime I fought against someone from the US (I’m from Germany) there were lags like hell. Input lag might have been around 0,5 to 1,5 seconds.
Then I fought someone from Europe and whaddaya know, no lag at all!
I don’t know if that guy was from Germany too or somewhere else in Europe, but being on the same continent certainly helps.

I was hosting with a LAN adapter, him on wireless. I’d like to think most smooth games are not like this because I usually get rematches, but it’s hard to tell who’s an 11 year old that doesn’t mind the lag and who’s actually not lagging.

In terms of lag, I’d say no, Brawl is leagues better. TvC always lags enough to where there is to much lag on inputs. I can play Brawl matches fine as I have good internet. TvC plays worse online. The thing it does better though is actually finding a match/