TVC New Characters?

NOTE: Before you read this, ITS NOT CONFIRMED. Just a maybe.

Now if Zero and Tekkaman Blade were in this, I might actually have to pick this up. XD

You… did notice that article was linking to a topic RIGHT HERE?

And as a side-note, Blade was confirmed.

yeah we already know the new characters thanks to a silly messup by Capcom. Doesn’t make it any less exciting though.


Oh yeah it’s goin down.

Thank you Capcom.

All the stupidity over the years has immeadiately been forgiven.

And then the next Vs. Company they will go up against will be Square Enix.

If it means we can beat the crap out of Cloud, Squall, Tidus, etc. with Capcom characters, then I wouldn’t mind.

I would love to break Sephiroths pretty boy chin with a well place Shin Shoryuken


Oh be careful what you wish for. It’ll end up being Sephiroth vs Remy.


screw capcom vs final fantasy it would have to be snk vs final fantasy and be a weapons fighter with samsho and last blade and like billy kane and geese for no reason.


He will stain his hands, with Cloud’s blood!

Cloud: "Omnislash!"
Geese: “Predictable” (counters).


Now you know what would be funny? If Frank West had a lawnmower super that was almost the same as Roll’s broom sweep moves.

Roll goes 2C into roll sweep! BBQ into another roll sweep! Combo that into roll sweep super! DHC into Frank West Lawnmower! 100+ unmegacrashable combo! Fuck yeah.

I support this, even if it means that Frank ends up broken.

wooo hoo tekno man, really wish there was Speedy from SPC in this game…but hey Multiple Germans and Giant Swing FTW with Frank Castle

Holy shit, seconding.
Nothing would be better than seeing Frank being useful as partner to my main character.
Frank could also summon the convicts as a move that has the same OTG Properties, rushing the opponent with the car while saying “Welllllll”.

Yeah, tekkaman blade, best inclusion to any fighting game ever!

I second this I too think it would be awesome to see SNK survive and make Vs. game series with someone else besides Capcom.

All the hype is on the Tatsunoko side, I mean zero is cool as shit but who really gives a hot damn about frank West. (I can guess alot of people seeing as he made it in but I don’t give 1/2 a shit about him) But all this Tatsunoko love has got to stop. I already play to many Tatsunoko characters and not enough Capcom ones but I have to say that I will play all three of the new players on the Tatsunoko and I will drop Batsu on the Capcom side. Hurry U.A.S. to the U.S.A.