TvC Online Battle Practice

My # is : 1978-4621-9106

I just got this game for couple days now and been practice and I know there alot good people out here and online and I do have good connection.

So I was wonder if anyone wouldn’t mind to go 1 on 1 on Tvc Online a bunch of matches where I can learn something from you guys and suchs since I been playing against hardcore people in free battle and getting cream almost fast.

Feel free to add me so go easy on me and if you have a AIM / MSN Messager leave it in here or PM me if you want if you aren’t feeling like to post it in public.

I also been doing training mode to see what to do and suchs…

I’m using Zero/Ryu to work out my things to get better ><

Fine, I’ll start the thread…
PM me when you’re ready.