TvC online play sessions thread

This thread is for people to get plays on Tatsunoko vs capcom online before it gets shut down.

Hi. I like fighting games and I’ve fought good and known players before too. But for Tatsunoko vs Capcom I want to fight some good players and they game is dead+ online shutting down this May.
My Tatsunoko vs Capcom: UAS Friend Code is: 2367-0269-9463 Name: Meyer

If your computer can handle this go ahead and use it. This is a lot smoother than the wii version and it won’t get shut down as well. We can use more people to join us playing this.

Sorry but I’ll rather play wii version until online is no more. I don’t like playing on PC and I’m also recording my online fights of TvC to youtube. I hope I get to fight some SRK players.

anyone still playing this? getting my new pc in soon.

I still play send a message whenever you are down to play. There is a steam group to join for people that play tvc

very small group but hopefully we can add more people to the group

awesome i just got my new pc in today i’ll try to get it running tvc asap.
did you want me to message you on here or on the steam group?

It doesn’t matter which one you message me on.

Ok so IM ripping the game from my Wii.
Should I rip it dual layer or not?

ok it is up and running

tried entering that steam chat room ,but it wont let me join.
it says my account does not meet the requirments to use this feature