TvC players converting to MvC3, who's gonna show up to Final Round XIV?


So, the first MvC3 major has been announced for Final Round in march! Who’s planning on being there? I know I sure will! Post up!


ikuzo!! :3


Damn it’s pretty far away…


That’s very early after the game’s release.

For me, it really depends on how comfortable I am with my level of skill. But, I’d like to play in a few local tournaments first before even stepping foot in a major so early on.


MVC2 lessons for reference anyone?


I’ll more than likely be there


Maybe since I’m so bad at MvC2 haha. Then again, MvC3 played closer to TvC I felt. I went pretty much undefeated at NCR at MvC3 and I’m pretty sure some of those people I played were mvc2 players.


yeah make it out to final round! shits gonna be hype


I just wanna be there for the first major and start getting my name out there ASAP! I’m gonna be on this game like no other! I will be there for sure!


Better get your sticks signed by RaYzYbYrn folks.


win it, Chris, I believe!


I think if I have money for it I will go but if not then Ill be at home.


I really think MvC3 will big a huge kick in the right direction for TvC. I mean TvC has been at Fr for the last 2 years and no one from the west came out to play it really, but now TvC players will be on this coast for MvC3 Tournies. As long as most of the TvC scene picks up MvC3 and is good enough to want to travel, I can see MvC3 being a very good thing for all TvC players.

The size of TvC side events should grow with MvC3 being there. I know there will be a side event for TvC at FR 14 and I would be willing to bet it gets the most TvC players in the history of Fr, (which would only have to be like 55-60 but still)

With all that said, I am hoping that this first MvC3 tourney is huge and brings out all the TvC players since I am sure that is what is keeping us from playing one another (TvC events are just not big enough to travel for, at least that is the case for me, I could take the time off this weekend to drive/fly 14 hours to play in a 13-17 MAN EVENT. At a major no less) <---- MvC3 will change this a lot as long as the TvC scene brings setups to the MvC3 tourneys there is very low chance that gamers new to Marvel will not try TvC also.

Get ready TvC scene, all we have to do is come perpared and I am sure as of right now, MvC3 will help grow a larger TvC scene!!!

Get converters, extra classics, Buy cheap Wii hori sticks, I am being very serious about this. I will see you all there with a TvC:UAS setup for sure!!


That’s an interesting way of looking at it but you’ve got a point. I definitely plan on attending some MVC3 events and I’d for sure be up for some TVC on the side to go with it.

I plan to be at Final Round unless something comes up.


I’m saving my travel money for UFGT 7.


I wanna go to final round. Im poor though. I also accept donations :P…

but seriously I accept donations


Sounds interesting. I would certainly like to play/MM TvC players from the East Coast too…

Looks like things will depend on my overall budget to see if I can squeeze this tourney in…

Might wait till the next SoCal tourney to get in on MvC3 though.


Dudes, UFGT 7 is gonna be the hypeness.


<uncultured>^Dude I don’t even know what that stands for.</uncultured>

And does the east coast even have tvc players?


East coast and south both have players, really good ones. Actually, Karuasa is quoted in a SBR interview as saying RyRy is the best player in the country at TvC UAS. This was well after evo with Marn in the same event. I know RyRy took SBR and it looked like he has picked up Zero also, I am just saying that there are players all over that are much better than most of socal and norcal scene, but they have no real reason to travel and play in 12 man events as I have said also.

UFGT= ultimate Fighting Game tournament aka the new Mid-west Championships, it is a tourney ran by your very own keits, and look more cali players wanting to travel now that MvC3 is right around the corner!!!

I am telling you good things to come!!!