TvC Prefered Tournament Rules: Discussion and List


Here are the set of rules I’m using at TvC tournaments I run. If you guys disagree on any of these, feel free to discuss.

**-2 out of 3 games, winner must keep characters.
**-Handicap 3, default game settings.
-If you pause the game, you are at your opponent’s mercy. He can take a free win on that round, or let it play. If he wants to take the round, he must not continue playing after the pause. Doing so forfeits your right to contest the pause.

-Performing any glitch that keeps the game from being played is banned. Its pretty obvious what these are. Most of them thus far make a rainbow character fly away to the moon! If you do one of these on purpose or on accident and cant recover from it quickly, you forfeit the round.

-If the **Burning Ruins stage **comes up, either player may opt to reroll the stage selection at any time before the round actually starts. If the round actually starts, the game must be played. This stage has huge issues for colorblind players, and even non-colorblind players in mirror matches. It is also the only stage with slowdown.

-If both players with to select Yatterman-1, they must agree on which color/mech they wish to use. If an agreement can not be reached, a coin will be flipped to see who gets to select their color first. [media=youtube]cZ5tKZVIVlY"[/media] to find out why this is a needed rule.

-You can run your tournament in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, but make sure that you announce which you are using before the event, and make double sure that EVERY station you are running it on is set to the same aspect ratio.

-(Optional Rule) “The Grego” - Accidentally changing point characters as the round starts doesnt mean you get to reset and reselect your characters. You have to play it. Remember, holding either the DOWN direction or the PARTNER button will cause this.

-(NEW RULE) If a double KO occurs, neither player is awarded the win and match will be replayed with the same characters.

-(Director’s Choice Rule) Anything wii-mote related.

-(Director’s Choice Rule) 4:3 or 16:9 mode. Either is fine, but there are differences, so make sure you announce which format you are using and make sure ALL of your stations are set to the same mode.


you’ll probably want to make some wiimote-centric rules, since i imagine a good chunk of people will be using wii hori’s

is there a way to turn off a wiimote after a match?
should we just reset the wii after every match to prevent syncing weirdness?
batteries running out equals a dq?


Oh good call, buk. I, personally, want to ban wiimotes from the building at my events. We had people trying to sync up to other systems and pausing out tournament games a few times. I hate wireless controllers for causing these shit problems.


In some ways I do agree that syncing a wiimote will cause problems, but actually banning the use of wiimote is a little silly in my opinion. By banning it you’re basically telling a lot of players that they can’t use their preferred controller. I know most people on SRK do have their own sticks and most likely a converter for the wii at this point, yet not everyone does. Basically since wireless gaming is the norm now we just have to deal with it.


NO WE DON’T! :arazz:

wireless controllers for the loss.

learn to play stick, or on some other wired controller.


Whether or not wireless controllers are the “norm” doesn’t matter. If there is a noteworthy chance that those controllers will disrupt play and, as a result, ruin an entire tournament, they should be banned. If players are bothered by having to switch from their preferred style, it is something that they’ll have to deal with to ensure a well run tourney.

Think about it for a sec. If a player gets robbed of a win because someone all the way on the other side of the room pauses the game, is it fair?


I totally agree with Mixxa - I’ll probably be banning wii-mote based controls at my own TvC events.


well, you can also play this game using the classic controller, which plugs into the Wiimote.

You guys can’t have dedicated wiimotes for each system? cause it sounds like everyone and their mother wants to play with their own wiimote.


Waitwaitwait… did we not learn from Brawl? :wgrin: Battery yank + soft sync. Problem solved.


Soft Sync requires someone to press the HOME key. Pressing the home key causes the HOME screen to come up on a different wii if you are not already synced. Knowing a good way to do it doesnt mean people are going to be smart and do it that way.


Right, and to soft sync you need a pre-synced (i.e. hard synced) controller, and every Wii comes with a hard synced controller. That’s the only controller you use for soft syncing. Grab hard-synced controller, soft sync, play, yank batteries. Next group repeats the process.


you can sync the wiimotes with the red button inside the SD slot on the wii and the sync button on the wiimote, no home button, no chance of screwing up another match, your battery case should be open between matches anyways unless you’re a total dumb shit
just put it in the tourney rules and announce it, if there’s problems DQ the fool for fucking up somebody’s match


yeah, i also dont have a gamecube stick or a converter. i use a wii hori, and i know a good amount of others that are in the same boat


Sadly I will be using a Wii Hori as well.

If we end up banning Wiimotes in TvC tourneys, I believe I will have my first stick project.


The match default settings meanes that the timer is active, right?


I was mainly concerned for the people like Buktooth that only have the wii hori. If you ban wiimotes in general you’re basically forcing people to have to spend more money on extra equipment which in general a lot of people don’t want to do.


On paper, this approach certainly sounds good. However, what’s to happen if say, for example, the player is already out of the tournament and was trying to sync up at a casual station? Do we charge him extra?


Yeah , or to borrow other people’s equipment at the event and play on something they are not as comfortable with. Im still on the fence I guess.


syncing the wiimote with the red button has no opportunity to mess up another match, you press the red sync button on the wiimote and the same on the wii, nothing else


You could collected all the remotes when they arent being used. Get some tape, write names on them, de-battery them, and put them in a bin thats off-limits to people. When its their time to play, give them their remote. if they want to go play casuals, give them the remote and have them hard sync to their specific console.

EDIT: And you have have a single remote assigned to each console, while keeping the extras in the bin.