TvC ranting


I know I’m a skootch late to the party, but has anyone and/or EVERYONE ever noticed that it is IM-fracking-POSSIBLE to rank up in TvC online?!?!? The matching system is, at best, abysmal. I have not been able to gain any leverage at all since the game came out.

With all the high rank spammers, ragequitting & insane lag, it really makes me wonder why an online mode was even put in at all. But I really think the spammers are what really steam my clams. It has to
S T O P!

MAN I needed to let that out!!:looney:


Yeah, I don’t know why I go on it lol. I just need someone to play lol. I’ll admit though, I spam with volnutt, but I’m bad at it and eat supers cause I’m stupid lol.


You have my pity sir.

As much as I’d want to say something otherwise, Wii online is pretty bad, and those that have been around enough know what works online vs. what doesn’t offline, and exploit that to the fullest.

For better or worse though, its what many TvC players are left with aside from not playing at all. For those…I’d really suggest just ditching Ranking and shooting through Free Battle and aiming for lag tolerable players to match with.


I really pity anyone who doesn’t have local competition for this game. Even on my ISP’s good days, I can’t play against local friends (~10 miles away) without the timing for everything being noticeably off. I’ve never ended a TvC online session less frustrated than when I started. Didn’t take me more than a few days to give up on that for good.

I don’t even think it’s fair to blame Nintendo’s infrastructure for this, either. I had a better online experience against Japanese players on the import version of Bleach DS in 2006 than I’ve had against domestic TvC players. The netcode for this game is just that bad.


TvC would be played a lot more if it was on anything except the Wii.


Anyone else Notice how BAD the WII lags on any LCD or any type of Flatscreen ? LIKE it sucks …


Yeah I hate this game.


I would too if I just played a giant haha.
PTX is Hulk


I wish the WII had HDMI options so the game would at least run smoothly on a high quality lcd screen.


love it

call me crazy but it dosent phase me. i dont mind the lag. when i can rage quit someone, i take it as a complement, and i have ranked up nicely. i have been playing street fighter since original 2 (not one sadly, though im sure im old enough lol), which, is almost 20 years, in case anyone is counting, lol. i got used to playing in the arcade, :lovin: and then the internet came along and ruined all that for me. :sad: so when i heard sf was going online, i was pretty hyped. i guess im just grateful to be able to play people from all over at the drop of a hat. if i have to fight lag and immaturity to get to the golden fighters, it’s worth it to me :wgrin: and rank is only there to make you feel better (or worse) about your self anyway lol