TvC Save File - Direct Download


Here is a direct link to a save file with all of the characters unlocked:

How to use it:

1.Get an SD card.
2.Copy contents of zip file to the root of the SD card.
3.Put it in your Wii and copy it from the menu.
4.Take off your pants





what ever happened to hard work


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Personally, I wanted to punch a baby after dealing with the menus for a few minutes. Even when I did get some points, it’d take me forever just to find the damn shop menu.


Word. Thanks for this. I don’t speak Japanese, either.


I did step 4 first because I couldn’t help myself. Will that be a problem?

Yes, after step 4 things will get really sticky.

Man, I heard finding the shop is a minigame too!!!

-Tha Hindu


Is there a gamesave with everything? (endings bgm and whatever else?)


No, but there are SD codes for infinite money.
That way you can just buy everything you unlock lmao

^also includes a code to play as Yami lmao


Yes there is.

Thats what " " is for.




So… how do I use the cheat file? I’ve looked everywhere and just can’t find a write up.

-Tha Hindu


You just need to get the Code Manager PC application, open the text file of codes into it, check off the codes you want to use (replace the XX/YY variables if needed), click the button to store them to your SD card, put your SD card in your Wii, boot the game through GeckoOS (which should search for codes by default unless you turned that option off in settings).

I’ve been using the ‘no time limit’ code for vs. matches lately since more than often when I play my friends, the match is ended via “TIME UP.” lol I hate that.

Edit: Google is your friend.
I’m not sure whether or not homebrew discussion is permitted here or not;
I have no idea if Shoryuken is strict about it,
or if it’s nothing as long as you’re not discussing pirating.


Yeah, I actually found the write up on the forums over at the site. Thank you though.

-Tha Hindu


thanks, came in handy!




I didn’t want to have to do this but…

Apparently there is no auto-save so all the shit I unlocked last night is gone. Which is really, really unfortunate because I’m still getting used to the system and can only beat Yami 1 out of 5 times.

So even though I only had Saki and Joe… I’m not going through that again. I feel cheated.


^autosave is in options lmao


yep… just turned it on a few minutes ago.


I don’t own a Wii right now so I’m just going to start at Step 4.

Seriously though dude it was awesome of you to put this up. :smile: