TvC stick Cthulhu modding questions


So I ordered this stick in order to get my feet wet with fighting games, but after discovering the tech talk subforums and how easy it is to customize/mod them, I would really like to dive right into it.

The main question I have regards the solderless cthulhu pcb for pc/ps3, since I am assuming there is no way to get Pc/360 compatability without soldering (correct me if I am wrong, because I would prefer this option)

Will installing the cthulhu pcb render the wii turbo/home panel useless? (I plan on lamilabelling over it anyway)

Secondly, do i need to dremel out a hole and buy one of these
in order to plug and play? (also, does the pcb kit come with any of the peripheral wires, or is that sold separately

Thanks in advance.


you can use the solderless method and sandwich wires into the quick disconnects
however you’d have to solder to fully access everything like a home butotn (cthulhus can get home button access from hitting both start and select)

you don’t need the neutrik though, you can drill a hole in the side and thread a long usb cable there


Not solderless.

You will keep the Home Panel PCB somewhere inside the Case if want to use the Home Button.
Otherwise, Cthulhu does Start+Select=Home.

Drill hole if you want to use Neutrik, yes.
Do not need a Neutrik.

No wires.


You can buy a Mayflash Classic Controller to PC Adapter. That will allow you to use your TvC on the PC and PS3. The buttons are a little out of place on the PS3 and there is no Home button, but it will work with the fighters that let you assign buttons. You can move the buttons around to match those of the PS3 joystick. All it takes is voiding the warranty, removing the back panel and moving the wires around.


Thank you very much for the quick responses.

I might be wrong in assuming this, but could I remove the stock wii wire and thread the new usb cable through that premade hole, or does that need to stay intact?


Is this an external adapter? I want to to keep the stick and wire as minimal as possible, or are you saying I can just keep this secured within the case and re-thread the wire through the opening and play it like that?


Wait, are you adding PlayStation 3, or replacing Wii with PlayStation 3?
Because if you are replacing with Cthulhu, then no need to solder.
For the Home, yes solder, but you are covering hole.
So the Home Button is useless anyways.
Just do Start+Select=Home.

Cut all the wires and just screw into Cthulhu.


Yes, I would prefer to gut out all of the wii components if possible. From what I understand, I can toss out the wii turbo/home panel and the connecting wires to the console, because I can just wire the buttons and joystick directly tot he cthulhu board. Please correct me if I am wrong.




Okay, I’m about to put my order in for my PCB and buttons/joystick. Which extra wires will I need to purchase in order to get this working with pc/ps3? Just an A to B usb cable?




I assumed you ordered the Cthulu? If so, lemme know how it goes. I did two of these myself, and you will need to do a bit of soldering, particularly for the joystick, but not difficult (If I can do it, anyone can). I wired mine to an RJ-45, then cut up a usb cord to match (which, btw, is a PITA). But, I ran into a small issue. If I wire both select and start and plug it in, it will come up in maintenance mode on the pc, as if to update the flash. If I remove the select wire, everything is happy. If I re-attach the select wire while it is still plugged in, everything is happy. I’ve even soldered the disable home switch to no avail, and this happened on both sticks. I just leave the select wire out, I’ve got a Chimp’d TE-S stick as my primary anyway so I wasn’t too concerned.

Either way, I’ve done it, so, reply back if you need any help. It’s super easy and super worth it, just takes a bit of time.