TvC stick having issues


I’ve had my Madcatz TvC stick for a few months now, and have previously had no problems playing it on my Wii, PC, or PS3. However, I am now beginning to run into some problems. Whenever I plug the stick into something (be it a WiiMote or the Mayflash adapter), one of two issues happens. Either it doesn’t respond at all, or it locks itself into the up-forward position (even though I’m not touching it at all). Anyone know what could be causing this problem?

Only tinkering I’ve done with it is replace the buttons and stick with Sanwa parts, and even then it worked just fine for quite awhile.

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Same thing happened to me and took me a while to noticed but did you change your JLF? After looking at it I noticed that I had connected the pin connector up side down and after putting it right side up and the stick works now.


Check the wire harness going to the JLF, sometimes they can come loose after modding because Madcatz uses the wrong type of connector that doesn’t stay put without the glue. If that turns out to be the problem, Toodles sells a wire harness that fixes that.


I cracked the stick open prior to making my first post, and no, the pin connector was fine. I should have been a little more clear; sometimes the stick actually will work normally, and other times one of the two aforementioned errors will happen.


My next thought would be to check the pin connectors to make sure there isn’t some sort of debris stuck somewhere that’s causing a short. I can’t think of another reason a problem would come and go like that unless the PCB of JLF itself is dying. Is the stick the only part being affected, do all the buttons work normally?


Nah, it’s both the stick and buttons. Like sometimes it’ll actually respond to the stick being plugged in, and other times it’ll either act up or just act as if it’s not plugged in at all.

EDIT: At this point, it doesn’t even act as if it’s plugged in anymore. Seems like some kind of weird power failure. Is there any way to fix this?


The same thing happend to my SE stick. The stick didnt respond at all and when i plugged it in it would flash or not even respond at all. Your wire is most likely gone.


It’s sounding more and more like the pcb is going bad or is intermittently loosing power. Can you post a photo of the pcb and wiring?


Here’s a few snapshots:



Well I’m stumped, unless someone else sees something I’m missing it’s not a wiring issue, all the wiring looks sound. My only guess is that either the USB cord is going bad or the PCB is going bad.


Probably what DarkarNights said.
Although it is not USB, because Wii doesn’t use USB.

Try resoldering the cable.

Also, if you wrap the cable when not using your Arcade Stick, that can cause problem.
Wrapping a lot break the wires.

I’ve fixed a lot of cables for people who wrap. :sad:


Gah, that’s definitely my problem. :oops: I definitely wrapped my stick a lot; I wish I had known there were adverse effects for doing that. Is there any way to fix this issue?


If you can find a new cord and solder it in, you can find out if that fixes it.


Ah, well I don’t really have the resources to solder anything right now. Is there any other way to fix a cord that’s been wrapped too much?




Thanks for the vid! I’m still a little stuck, though; the TvC Madcatz stick doesn’t use USB, so in that regard I can’t really replace it with anything else. That, and the fact that I can’t really identify any ‘problem areas’ of the wire itself. I dunno, am I better off just replacing the stick entirely? Repairs don’t really seem to be much of an option, I’m afraid. :shake:


Just use the same concept, except the wires will be different colors. Clip off the part near where the cord exits the stick, that’s likely where it is damaged. Use a European-style barrier strip to screw together the wires like so:

Screw wires into one side to connect them to the other side.


Did you watch the whole thing?

Now I’m mad.
You made the creator of the video come in.


I watched it (multiple times, even), but I’m still having a hard time figuring out exactly what part of the wire I’m supposed to be cutting. I’m pretty new to most of this stuff, so trying to digest all of it at once is a little overwhelming. :sweat:


All of the wires.
You follow the video.

Nerrage shows with USB.
You do it with Wii.