TvC Stick - looking for mod pics


Hi everyone, new member here. I just bought SSF4:AE for the PC and ordered a TvC Fightstick with mayflash converter thingie to use with the PC. Pretty cheap on ebay.

The thing is I’m not too keen on the artwork or buttons so I was looking around for mods people have done to these sticks. I’ve tried searching the forums and google but don’t seem to be able to find anything, especially not photos. I know you can pretty much just swap the parts out for sanwa parts but I was hoping to see some inspirational mod photos or something.

Can anyone help me out/point me in the right direction? Photos of TvC stick mods, artwork, guides anything like that?



TvC are pretty much the same as the Street fighter 4 SXE and WWE Brawl Sticks.
Look to see how a SF 4 SE did there art changes.