TvC stick question

I have a TvC Wii stick set up to my PS3 via Mayflash converter, would it be possible to also install/convert a home button? Or make it so that the Wii home button can act as a PS3 one through the converter? Or will I have to ditch the converter completely and rewire the whole thing?

Via converter, I don’t see it working in that fashion. You’ll more than likely have to either install one physically on the controller. That or find a converter that supports those drivers. In most cases, it’s just the button signal data that is transferred. I do find it rather odd that your converter doesn’t support this. It’s pretty basic.

Via converter No, the Mayflash USB adapter although works for the PS3 is a side effect. The Mayflash adapter was meant for PC use.

A complet rewire isn’t nessisary, the wires to the stick and buttons can remain.

Your options are:
A. Replace the stock PCB with a PS3 compatible PCB (I recommend a Cthulhu)
B: dual mod the existing PCB with a PS3 PCB, or even Tri-mod a PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 (Tri mod not recommended for beginners in electronics)

How would I go about installing one physically? I don’t know of any other converters…

edit; oops forgot to refresh.
replacing it would make it useless for the Wii, no? Guess I’ll look up dual-modding.

its not hard to dual mod it
it just looks hard

to access the home button, its easier to have a multimeter to test out which of the large pins on the back of the TvC board is the home button.
Either that or use the MCthulhu/PS3cthulhu and have it go by hitting start and select

multimeter? o: haven’t seen that term around… I was going to look up Cthulhu-ing but if there’s an easier…D: