TvC Stick: Wii to PS3 and 360 converter possible?

Part of me is hoping to get a converter like this, if it exists. Instead of shelling out $140+ for a 360 stick for the sake of tournaments in Canada, it would be nice if I can just use my TvC stick for all three consoles without having to do wiring. (Something I KNOW I can’t do, and don’t wanna accidentally screw up)

So yeah, is there such thing as a Wii/Classic Controller converter that goes to PS3 and 360?

Thanks in advance.

Only for PS3/PC so far – it’s the cheap one you find on eBay.

For 360, maybe you can borrow at the tournaments.

I don’t wanna do any kind of borrowing of sticks, since some drama happened over a stick involving me in the past.
Like, I have my own sticks for PS3 and Wii, but the PS3 stick is dying and can’t be fixed, but my TvC stick is practically brand new. So I was hoping I could just use a converter and have that as my “new” main stick for all consoles.

If the Ontario scene used PS3 like the rest of the world did , for tournaments and stuff, this wouldn’t be a big deal. XD

well, it would be a bit of a trick, but I don’t see why you couldn’t. For PS3/PC, you’ll need a PCB like the Cthulhu or similar, and then for the 360, you’ll need another pcb, possibly an old 360 stick that will fit pretty will inside there. Honestly, it might be easy to get a pad and then a Toodles Chimp, that way you have one USB cable coming out of of the stick and it can auto-detect the console. The big problem, you’re looking at about 30 bucks for the Chimp and about another 20-30 for the pad, depending on what you buy.

I’ve modded a TvC stick with a Cthulhu, so, if you have any questions, please let me know!

I’m not looking to mod the stick’s insides or anything like that. I’m simply looking for a converter that works PS3 and 360, using a TvC/Classic Controller port. I have absolutely no knowledge of how to do the wiring and soldering and whatnot. So I don’t want to screw up and ruin a practically brand new stick. XD

Hahaha, well, speaking from experience, it’s not that bad to mod, but I understand the ‘easy’ too. Not to mention before doing arcade sticks, my soldering knowledge only involved me burning myself.

Anyway, yes, there is a Wii–>PS3/PC converter available. I don’t think there is a Wii --> 360 available, because Microsoft has some stingy patent/rights things with their controllers. Check out the Mayflash adaptor for PS3/PC -->

Gah… If only the Ontario scene wasn’t so… overly obnoxiously obsessed with ONLY using 360s for their main game tournaments (SSF4, MvC3, BBCS, etc.). :confused:

It practically alienates all the PS3 players unless they have to go outta their way and shell out extra money either for a new stick, modding it, or converters.

On the other hand, the same could be said about a PS3-only scene too. That’s why one of the best routes to go in modding is to start with a 360 stick and dual-mod from there. Anyway, still, I would recommend a pad-hacking method if you truly want to go about doing this without buying a new stick and do this on the cheap. Good luck to ya!