TvC Stick woes and Qs


Hi there TT, could use a little help. I am using the TvC stick to play SF4 and two of my buttons are acting “funny”. If I press them hard they work, but tapping them is no longer registered. They also sometimes seem to get “stuck” for a couple of seconds.

I had a look in the case and I can’t see anything immediately wrong. Is it likely the microswitch is faulty? I have some sanwa buttons I could put in if this is the case.

If modding is the solution, does anyone have experience with the way buttons are connected in this stick? It seems a little different to what I am used to, with two metal “sleeves” connecting to the microswitches instead of two prongs. Not really sure how to take these out safely.



Highly likely. Just time to go for some sanwas.

Those two metal sleeves are called quick disconnects. Just slide them off. You may have to fight with them, but they will come off with enough elbow grease.

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Definitely time for a button swap by the sounds of it. Make sure you grab the quick disconnect and not the wire when pulling them off. Pliers might be helpful too.


Thanks for the advice man, was a 5 minute job and now working perfectly. Thanks!