TvC to 360 dual modding?

Is dual modding a tvc wii stick any harder than dual modding a ps3 stick to 360? I’ve been meaning to get my tvc stick modded to 360 in time for 3SO, but I don’t know that much about dual modding. What is the cheapest way to go about it?

You can probably pad hack either straight to the tvc.

which tutorials should i be looking at for pad hacking it?

Everything in here.

You can the Xbox 360 pad just as easy to a TvC Wii PCB as if it was a PS3 PCB

It will drain the wiimote a lot faster…but yes it can be done…

i dont normally use my tvc stick with a wiimote anyway. i just use a mayflash pc adaper to play on GGPO. i’ll have a friend try padhacking it soon i guess

so my friend tried padhacking my stick, and we soldered wires from a gamestop 360 pad to the tvc pcb. all the buttons are registering as being pressed and the directions are not working. any ideas on how we should fix that?

Show good pictures of the wiring.

we soldered the wires from the 360 pcb on to these points that labeled the buttons. the plan was to have both PCBs in the stick and have the usb and the wii wire coming out of the stick.

We unsoldered the wires from the tvc pcb, so now its just wires sticking out of a 360 pad pcb

So, you took the directional wire directly out of the pcb and just moved it over to the pad? I’m not a complete expert, but I’m pretty sure that will not work. I’ve hacked my TvC stick to a Cthulu, and I want to say I tried the same thing with no success. Since you’re (or your friend :slight_smile: ) is good at soldering, do this instead:

  1. Find the 5pin wire coming out of the joystick. The wires are (should be in this order, according to my notes) down up left right ground. You can follow the ribbon wire back to the original pcb to figure out which on is which
  2. On that 5 pin wire, shave a little of the insulation off so you see the exposed wire
  3. Solder from the exposed wire to the pad, such as what you’d do for a dual mod.
  4. Wrap up the solder job with electrical tape
  5. Test it, and if it works, close up shop
    I think because you’re using the pcb’s wires into the pad you are missing some the the magic that goes on to define the directional pad and the analog stick, hence it not working. It is possible that it is working, just check to make sure your switch is in the right position.

For pics and better description on the above, check out step 8 here:

what the plan originally was: we solder extra wires onto the 360 pcb, signals and ground, and then solder the ends onto where the wii pcb had the buttons plugged(the wire that had the button wires going into it) and into the grounds.

After: We tried that and when we tested the wii side, all the buttons were being registered as pressed, and the directions were not working. the 360 side was not working at all. We then unsoldered the wires connecting the 360 pcb and the wii pcb and re-wired the power wires to its original state (my friend didn’t know that both PCBs needed to be powered at the same time). When we tested the xbox side (by plugging it into my laptop), the light on the 360 PCB wuold light up for a second, turn off, and the laptop would give us the “unrecognized device” message. Thats where we’re currently stuck.

Ok, so you wired from button/stick to 360 pcb, correct? Not Wii pcb to 360 pcd, right? If so (button --> 360), the wii pcb does not need to be powered to work. Better question, if you plug in the 360 pad into you laptop, no wires, no nothing, just the pad, does it power on?

Also, opening up my TvC to take pictures and show you how I did it, for reference

The USB on Xbox 360 has to be done really well for it to work.
Tell him to redo it.

Why he using solid wire?

Ok, so here’s the whole view of my stick:

I have wires on the top row of the barrier strip ‘piggybacked’ onto the normal wires. So, the new wires go to my Cthulhu pcb, the rest remain intact. The one black wire in the bottom right with the tie-wrap on it, that’s the wire I’m using for common ground:

Here’s a pic of my Cthulhu PCB. Ethernet wire goes to an RJ-45 jack on the end of the case, and I have a USB to RJ45 cable. Long story short, it works on usb:

And finally, the wiring from my stick to the Cthulhu. It looks messy, but long story short, I stuck a new wire from the wire that goes from the stick to the Wii PCB:

So, long story short, I did NOT touch the Wii PCB on this one. I simply piggybacked off of all the current wiring and made my own. Works perfectly on my PC and PS3, as well as my Wii on the original wire.

when i plug the usb into my laptop, it lights up for a second and then it comes up as an unrecognized device.

So you didn’t touch the wii pcb at all. Hmm.

Is the cthulhu process the same as the 360 pad pcb? Also, what do you mean by “piggybacked”?

So if you plug the usb into your laptop and only lights up for a second, without be attached to your stick at all (though it shouldn’t make a difference), then I think your pad is dead. Double check on the 360, but I think that’s where your issue lies. If it isn’t that, then I’d say the issue is with the common ground.

And no, I didn’t touch the wii pcb. I could have to wired the home key, and that would have been directly off the pcb because it is a pushbutton directly on the pcb, but I was pretty frustrated with it towards the end and got lazy :).

And yes, the cthulhu process should be the same as the 360 pad, because in the end, it’s just another pcb. The big difference between the two you are making a ‘new’ cable (usb) to come out of the stick and not using the old one (because it’s not usb), so, in the end, the new pcb is standalone and not auto-detecting the system. And before you ask, yes, it does work, that’s what I do with my TvC stick. Therefore, the steps in the link I sent above about how to dual a Mad Catz arcade stick are essentially the same. And piggybacked, check out step 7, namely the video using the solderless trick. All I did was unplug the signal wire from the barrier strip, added my new cable, then shoved the signal wire back in. The video also shows you how to do it for the joystick too, but that is too cramped for me, so I just soldered it like in step 8. It’s in my pictures on the barrier strip, all the wires on the top row have 2 coming out of them, except for the one on the far left (see below for reason why). Works like a champ, then you can solder the new wire to the 360 pad/pcb.

Two oddities I have on my stick, which I think is an affect of my pcb, but worth mentioning nonetheless:

  1. If both my select and start buttons are wired in, then both are pushed down whenever I plug the whole stick in. I realized this because with the Cthulhu, it will come up in maintenance mode on the PC. However, if the wire is removed, plug it in, then re-add it (while it is hot), it works just fine. Solution, removed the select wire. Sucks, but it works.
  2. My stick will have no power on my ps3 if it is plugged in at the time the ps3 is turned on. Solution, unplug, replug. I’m still lost on this one today, but again, it works so I don’t care.

so i guess my only option right now is to buy a new pad?

edit: haha dang that solderless method looks crazy. i guess i’ll use that if i have to start over. But i guess since we fiddled with the usb wires, we messed up the pad because of it? im not sure what we did to kill the pad pcb.

Well, send pics of the usb wires, but it kinda sounds like that is indeed your issue. And yeah, the solderless trick is stupid easy, and I recommend having a small screwdriver and pliers on-hand to add/remove wires against in small spaces. Not necessary, but it REALLY helps. Also, hint, the top row (the wii cable-side is the ‘top’) is signal wires, the bottom is ground. I wired it wrong the first time round by putting everything on ground and using the signal as the common ground, put in one wire, tested, worked fine, so I wired the rest, tested, everything lit up. Kinda cool, but a pain in the ass to remove everything and do it over again :slight_smile: