TvC Tournament at NorCal Regionals!


I will be running a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom side tourney at this upcoming NorCal regionals. Here is what I’m looking to work with:

Entry Fee:
Entry fee will be $10
There will be a BONUS POT added to the actual entry fee pot, and possibly even more…

1st Place: 70%
2nd Place: 20%
3rd Place: 10%

or depening on attendance…

1st Place: 70%
2nd Place: 30%

Matches will be best 2 out of 3
Winners Finals, Losers finals, and Grand Finals will be played best 3 out of 5
All characters are allowed
Fire stage is BANNED
Programmable Pads and turbos are permitted, if you’re a douche

In attendance will be some of finest TvC players, including all of team NC which won the 5v5 battle from SCR against team Socal.

GCYoshi13 (SCR Champion)

I am going to be recording all the matches on 1 setup. See you at NCR!


Of course you know that I am interested in this kbeast.


im down this would be sick. im sure we can get 20 ppl to enter


Depends on the time you start it but Sure Id be down.


Alrighty folks, I got the first post updated and I got the setup ready for NCR coming this November 20th! In attendance will be some of the finest TvC players that reside in Norcal, including all of team NC which won the 5v5 battle from SCR against team Socal.

GCYoshi13 (SCR Champion)

Be sure to check in on this one cuz it’s gonna be a fun one!


Wish I could be there. I’ll be supporting the TvC tourney @ UGTL that weekend! Good luck!


Will this tourney be on saturday or sunday because I can only show up on saturday.


alrighty folks, it’s go time tomorrow! Let’s get some good matches going on! I’m planning to start the tournament around 5pm depending on the schedule. And remember, if you’re already registered to play at NCR for a tournament, all you have to pay is the $10 entry fee but if you are there just as a spectator or for only joining in on side events you must pat $10 at the door to get in.

I’m gonna try to be there before noon hopefully so I can try to setup a casual station. See you there!


SoCal folks finished up @ UGTL over here, hope your event worked out well!


Thanks for showing up everyone, the tournament was great! Maybe next time you guys that played casual that were pretty good could step it up and enter the next tourney! We had some really great matches, but it brings sadness to my eyes to the fact that we had no recordings of most of it, due to TWO cameras breaking down.:sad: Bleh, it’s a shame, but I’ll post up the little bits that I got. But the great turnout and support was very pleasing to have. :woot:

12 entrants ($160 pot)

  1. KBeast (lost to GCYoshi, came back in grand final)
  2. Phampy (went to grand final undefeated, lost to KBeast twice)
  3. GCYoshi (lost to Phampy in winners finals, lost to KBeast in losers finals
  4. MagnomanX (lost to Phampy in semi’s, lost to KBeast in losers semi’s)
  5. Honor (lost to Phampy 2nd round, lost to KBeast in losers)
  6. Pierre (lost to GCYoshi 2nd round, lost to Magno in losers)
  7. Mr. Soulstar
  8. Saikoslash
  9. Maitogai87
  10. Nano
  11. Tyforfiet
  12. Moe Wifi


Dude Phampy wtf, You should have had Kbeast haha.


I almost had a no life Tekkaman comeback against Y1 and Batsu in the very last game. I just got outchipped by Batsu in the end lol. And I tried to giant hustle in the last set. I went G. Lightan first two rounds cause I lost the first one but won the second game. Rotan and I failed the giant hustle =[





Ah yes, Tekkaman. The weird black horse vs. Yoshi.


this tourney was dope ima bring my A game 4 the next 1 in lodi off top i needa step it up 1 time