TvC UAS Character Health Study - Short Version


Like last year, ive gone and used the same method to reverse calculate how much health each character has based on taking one alex lv3 hyper bomb from full health. I also did a separate, much longer calcuation involving repeated non-comboed jabs to find out when guts-damage-scaling begins and how much it is, and to verify my estimates on the heath. The estimates seem accurate within ~500 hp. If someone wants to try to get more accurate or detailed, feel free.

Its interesting to note that none of the old characters moved at all, and that they are all bracketed for HP with the same characters they were before hand. Its also interesting to note that (it seems like) all characters have more health in UAS than they did in CGoH (check my old study in this post to see the differences). This may be a product of the guts system scaling damage more at the end of the life bar.

These are all estimations. They are not perfect, take them for what you will. The only thing thats perfectly accurate is if I say 2 characters have the same health, they 100% do.

Guts - At 30% HP remaining, characters reduce incoming damage by 20%. At 15% HP, characters reduce incoming damage by 30%.

Enjoy these until someone does it better!


Really good stuff. I was surprised to see Zero having as poor health as Roll. I would have thought Yatterman-2 would be there.


Well, it kinda makes sense when you consider they’re almost equally old robots (at least compared to Rock).

I was expecting Ai to share the tier with Karas, so this is a pleasant surprise.


I was kind of expecting Karas to get a little closer to standard health considering the nerfs he recieved to other aspects. Oh well.


Zero with super low health is weird. His damage output isn’t that great from what i’ve seen either. He better have a mean mixup game.

Thanks Keits for doing this!


I love having this list around. Great reference tool. Good job again, Keits!


Zero’s damage output is horrible from what I’ve seen so far >_> But on the bright side he’s going to be really good at getting resets because he is just so darn versatile.


The more I play. The more I hate Zero’s health. Everything else is either tolerable or acceptable.

but his health.

oh my god that shit makes me rage


Thanks for the list Keits!


I’m surprised to see Joe the Condor so low. I mean, he seems a lot sturdier than both Ken and Jun.


Yeah, this list is pretty accurate so far. I did a test on Ryu myself to check in Training mode. He has about 47,700hp. I just kept on bbq’ing my jabs.


I just uploaded a stamina and hit point guide on

It differs a bit from what Keits originally posted, but it’s not too far off. I went into training mode and beat the crap out of the dummy for awhile while adding the damage numbers together to get the hit point totals. I think it’s pretty accurate, although it’s possible I missed 500 points of damage one way or the other. If you spot anything that’s off, feel free to PM me and I can fix it.


Hmm… I always wonder if it’s worth updating on event hubs.

Anyway, I guess Blade is a bit too sturdy, don’t you think?


When a game is a time out victory, is the winner decided by the percentage of life left or the actual number of points? Like if yatter2 and Alex were left, each had exactly 10,000b points of health left, would yatter2 win because that’s more of her life bar than alex?


^ thats a good question.

I have a question. To exactly measure a character’s health cant someone who emulates this game on an wii emulator use a program like ArtMoney? With Artmoney you can find the values of the health directly from memory used by the emulator.

EDIT: Im going to try it and see if I can get exact health for each character using the method I said above.


Well to answer the first question, it’s based on percentage, not on points. So Yatter1/Yatter2 is fighting Alex/Tekkaman and nobody hits each other, it will end in a draw. And in your scenario, yes, y2 would win.