TvC: UAS - Team Assist and DHC Compatibilty Thread

Didn’t see a thread like this so decided to go for it. Basically this thread is to list what is good DHC’ing into what i.e Shinkuu Hadou > any random generic beam super. Also assist combos and whatnot with specific teams.


Mega Assist > Giga Attack/Rekkoha
Mega Assist > Vism/Sougenmu
Mega Assist > Dark Hold

Giga Attack > Machine Gun Super
Giga Attack > Drill Arm Super

Vism/Sougenmu + Machine Gun Super
Giga Attack + Machine Gun Super


Zero Assist > Drill Arm Super
Zero Assist > Charge Shot > Machine Gun Super
Zero Assist > Machine Gun Super
Zero Assist > Shield Arm > OTG Drill or Charge Shot > Machine Gun Super or 3C > Aerial Rave

No good DHC options.

Machine Gun Super + Giga Attack
Drill Arm Super + Giga Attack

Great supers to DHC into Tekkaman’s ‘make it rain’ super: Ken’s 623 super, Zero’s 236 super (using bounce trick/glitch), basically any super that causes knockdown, really. Great because of Tekkaman’s BS damage.

I thought they toned down Great Spinning Space Lance?

They did some, but the damage is still great. Simple combos into DHC still hit in the 30K damage region.

Roll yatterman DHC, is a strong dhc.

OTG turbo roll sweep into Dogbreath super.

roll air combo into j.c into the dhc is 30k
best use is probubly yatterman combo into Var into the dhc for 34k or better depending on how big the starting combo was

both can add an extra 4 to 6 k if you dhc back into roll again.

yattermans level 3 is like 1 frame on dhc point blank, so you can do some stuff with that.
w/ roll you can do wallbounce into healing into yatterman lv 3 for like 33k and healing.

yattermans qcf super into any fast super is a good way to get yatterman out. power up, and safe beam supers supers are ideal.

Call Karas’ assist, instant air dash behind the opponent > stagger combo is sauce… Mahhvel style

Polimar double punch charge move xx Drill super(not intended to connect) xx DHC Karas level 3 OTG. Is a great way to tag out and connect a level 3. Only downside is it uses 4 bars:wasted:

Nice Polimar/Karas combo i came up with
2A,5B,2B,5C,2C,6C,623attack x3, Karas assist somewhat simultaneously to last kick, dash 5C,3C ^ sj.A,B dj.B,B, super

Has anybody came up with some kind of way to apply or connect Doronjo’s super’s - 236PP or her level 3??

They also nerfed it so it doesn’t do that much damage OTG. In CGoH, I used to megacrash and DHC any super out into Tekka’s “make it rain” super and it still did the full amount of damage. Now in UAS, it only does like 9 billion unscaled OTG.

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Soki’s 236 Super DHC into Tekka’s MAKE IT RAIN does great damage. Soki can land that super off damn near everything too.

Tekkaman’s probably Soki’s best teammate in general.

A WHOLE lot of synergy on Soki/Tekkaman. Not only does Tekka’s assist help give Soki a little more screen control, which he needs, but it also combos off just about every single thing Soki does. There are some really interesting setups there, for example, the assist will catch after any Issen, so 6C poke from 3/4 screen away can lead to about 20K damage no super no BBQ. You can also hit the assist off any heavy shoulder tackle wallbounce. It also adds a lot more damage to his BnB if you know where to use it. The DHC is nice as mentioned, and Tekka gets his lvl3 off any Soki assist that hits.

Doronjo and Yatter 2.

Mainly Shenanigan based. Big Ball super from Doronjo into either Electric Bal or Robot from Yatter 2. Other way around You can do Electric Ball into Big Ball. Confuses so many people.

What about my synergy thread? That’s kind of what it’s about…did you even look hard enough?

Zero / Karas

Karas assist > Rekkoha (lvl 1)
Karas assist > Dark Hold (lvl 3)

Rekkoha (lvl 1) > DHC OTG Hiei Zangetsu (lvl 3)
Rekkoha (lvl 1) > DHC Zan Ei Jin (lvl 1) > DHC Sougenmu (lvl 1)
Rekkoha (lvl 1) > DHC Zan Ei Jin (lvl 1) > DHC Dark Hold (lvl 3) <-- very tricky, easier near corner but not right in corner
Karas assist > Rekkoha (lvl 1) > DHC OTG Hiei Zangetsu (lvl 3)

Rekkoha (lvl 1) + Zan Ei Jin (lvl 1)
Sougenmu (lvl 1) + Zan Ei Jin (lvl 1) <-- leaves Zero free to add to the juggle damage during Zan Ei Jin juggle but any hit from Zero ends the Zan Ei Jin, best option probably is go to the edge of the screen on the side that you started the THC on and wait for Zan Ei Jin to toss the opponent towards you at the end of the juggle; not very useful anyway.

Karas / Zero

Zero Assist > Zan Ei Jin (lvl 1)

Zan Ei Jin (lvl 1) > DHC Sougenmu (lvl 1)
Zan Ei Jin (lvl 1) > DHC Dark Hold (lvl 3) <-- same deal as the one above that starts with Rekkoha
Zero Assist > Zan Ei Jin > [above DHC’s]

Zan Ei Jin (lvl 1) + Rekkoha

Haven’t tested anything with Karas’ counter super.


Doronjo/Megaman Example:

5A 5B 5C Assist 623PP

Also works with Chunli assist.