TvC: UAS Video Thread -- TvC ain't dead yet!


maybe i should stop posting in here cause im starting to feel lonely nobody seens to be here anymore, anyway more online matches:






Well, if it makes you feel better, I still come in here and watch vids lol.


tvc megaround, just a bunch of videos of me online, an a tvc unblockable combo video:






if only they had casuals for this game where i live


Keep them coming OZ, your vids are fun to watch.

Where do you play from? What city?


TRS and Kouhatsu have been uploading a large amount of vanillia TVC vids. Really wish UAS got ported to arcades, probably would have helped the game last a bit longer in Japan.


Just curious, do you have any links to these vids?


My bad TRF not TRS

can’t find the rest of the vids right now but their have been a few recently.


Due to a music issue YouTube blocked the old guide in a bunch of countries. I went back and changed the music, along with a few text alterations. Enjoy the new Volnutt guide!



[LEFT]I never got the chance to put this here, but I wasn’t sure if anyone really cared about this anymore lol. But anyways, here’s some online casuals that I had a lil while back when I was bored and decided to pop in TvC after so long. Emphasis on online play, but something more to come…[/LEFT]


Wish people would play this again in Norcal.


Apparently TVC has a tournament in I play winner.



Really nice set. I liked Kbeasts Morrigan alot although he used his Yatterman/batsu team mainly.

Does anybody know how good Morrigan was in TVC? Any videos of good morrigan players? Her fireball assist seems really good and she seems to have some good runaway/keepaway with her three air fireballs and evasive air dashes.


She was kind of a meh-ish character because overall Ryu was stronger. Other than that she has a amazing fireball, Godlike anti-air launcher, one of the fastest overheads in the game, a decent dp, and a invincible supers to bait megacrash. Overall her mobility is good, but it’s not as quick as other characters. The best thing about Morrigan is that her 3 fireball cover huge amount of space, and limits the oppotent options.

a notable player to play Morrigan is Tronzilla btw

The strongest keepway/runaway/zoning characters imo in the game are Saki(Really good one), Volnutt, Doronjo, Ken the Eagle(He has strong runaway), and Morrigan .


Do you think a team of Saki/Morrigan could work as a keepaway team? Is it worth playing Morrigan on point at all considering her assist is strong?


Maybe this should be here…

Part 1

Part 2


I miss this game! Wish it stayed longer in the scene. Anyone confirm people still play this online?


YO! Game still alive?
My Wii is at my brother’s house, but when I purchase the WiiU gonna pick this up again.

I hope people are still online in TvC… :wink:


Just dropping this here:


Again, thanks @ironboy89


I think this may be posted on here somewhere but this link is relevant to the your question. Brian Kusugano use to post some amazing TVC videos before he got into MvC3. He is also a member here on SRK.


You can also check out his site of combo videos at some nice TVC videos.

Hope this helps.