TVC US version character changes (to be updated)

[+] = positive change (buff)
[-] = negative change (nerf)
[*] = unimportant change (no effect on gameplay
[?] = unknown change (unsure if this is a positive or a negative change)

--------------------UNIVERSAL/SYSTEM CHANGES-------------------------

  • Throws are more useful (tick throws exist. You can throw someone while they are attacking, can throw after blockstun etc.)
  • Megacrash pushes up and away. Can still combo after a megacrash.
  • attacks deal slightly more damage the higher up you are. At max super jump height, the damage increase is about 30%
  • Megacrash is punishable now and has a smaller hitbox
  • Mecacrash combos are scaled harshly
  • launch trajectories are different for many characters
  • move buffering is tighter in general
  • Baroque is not as potent, but smaller slivers of baroque are more powerful
  • hitstun slightly scales off air combos, preventing long infinites (loops still exist)
  • Baroque resets air jumps
  • Characters gain a bit more meter while being hit
  • Characters do not gain any meter while being hit by supers.
  • Cannot force the opponent into a corner after a juggle via the air combo trick
  • Stage-specific music
  • New character select screen (with gear-like selection reels that leave the number of new characters to be included ambiguous)
  • Damage scaling on DHCs is more severe, devaluing hyper combinations somewhat
  • characters now have more proration as their health bars get lower (guts)
  • V.Air-rave now resets damage proration
  • the amount of upward velocity applied by lifting attacks has been lessened

------------------CHARACTER CHANGES-----------------------------


  • Tatsumaki Super has invulnerable frames.
  • his assist travels more slowly across the screen. Can be seen as a buff for some partner pairings.
  • C tatsumaki special does not cause the screen to scroll, making it better in combos
  • the hitbox of the first hit in his level 3 is smaller and more precise

Chun Li

  • Lightning Legs pushes back
  • There is a limit to how many jump 5C’s she can string in a combo.
  • J.5C has more hit stun
  • Can combo her level 3 from Tenshouu kyaku
  • Headstomp > lightning legs mixups don’t work the same way anymore due to the fact that lightning legs pushes back more.


  • Her assist leaves a bomb on hit now
  • Can combo after landing the light illusion swan special
  • Can combo 2C into 6C easily
  • More damage
  • Slightly faster ground walking and dashing speed
  • Yoyo special is slightly slower


  • A version shoulder charge leaves the opponent grounded. B version knocks down and C version causes wallbounce.
  • Fully charged 236C does a lot more damage (around 18000B)
  • New grab mechanics work very much in his favour
  • Does more damage overall
  • Hyper Bomb can’t be jumped after the super flash
  • 5C elbow causes wallbounce
  • 2B hits low
  • jab is faster


  • 623 C combos easily into 623 super.
  • Birdrang returns slower
  • Can no longer do 3 bird shoot natural combos
  • can cancel 6B overhead into air specials


  • All infinites gone.
  • can baroque cancel his full charged shot
  • can use supers from the charge shot
  • machinegun super’s minimum firing angle is increased, making it impossible to hit crouching opponents with the ground version.
  • can only use one weapon switch in the air after using an aerial machine gun arm attack
  • machine gun arm bullets are weakened


  • Faster air dash
  • Can combo 2B/5C into 3C
  • Damage output improved
  • Uncharged Roll Swing knocks down.
  • Roll Swing reflects projectiles

CASSHAN(yes he’s called that now)

  • Denkou punch B version causes stagger on hit
  • Electricity effect added to his electrical attacks (visual)
  • unblockable takes longer to charge and has more lag after hitting
  • Hitting OTG with A and B dive kicks no longer creates restand
  • Can combo into level 3 super after denkou punch B
  • Cannot use Friender to re-stand a staggered opponent
  • Friender will not catch opponents who are jumping or airborn
  • both hits of 5C will effect crouching opponents


  • 236A sword spin special is slightly slower. The difference is barely noticable but it’s there.
  • Kasha string into overhead now combos, allowing for Karas to do wallbounce combos from Kasha. The timing is very strict.
  • Can combo from 63214A/B/C > 236A wall slam attack. He can pick the opponent up off the ground when they bounce after the hit.
  • Slide infinite is still possible, but can’t be continued in the corner anymore.
  • 5C has more lag
  • 2C has more lag


  • Charge 46+A moves across the screen VERY quickly now. As fast, as, if not faster than, Ryus 236+C.
  • All hits of his chargeback Space Lance throw can now combo into Vol Tekka beam super and have increased power
  • Vol Tekka beam super deals more damage
  • spinning teklancer’ super deals less damage to airborn opponents. It still does a lot to grounded opponents
  • 3C’s hitbox has been made smaller
  • 6C no longer causes stagger, but keeps the opponent grounded
  • If Vol Tekka beam super is used in the air, Tekkaman’s recovery time as he falls has been improved.
  • Air ferris wheel has much more stun, can now follow up with Voltekka.
  • ‘make it rain’ comes out slower than it used to, no longer combos off F + H


  • All versions of Riot Tackle cause wallbounce from full screen
  • 6B4B sends the opponent into a vertical spin and knockdown, having the properties of a launcher. It is also more powerful than before.
  • Riot tackles can combo from 6B4B
  • 5C can be comboed into via 5B
  • can combo 2B into launcher
  • [2]8B and C chainsaw special knocks down on hit. A version does not.
  • 623AB chainsaw super is much stronger, though still unsafe on hit or block
  • 3C launches the opponent at a less vertical height and is faster
  • many more options to combo into level 3
  • many more combo options in general
  • can combo AFTER level 3 super while the opponent is on the ground using 2C, since the launch time is now greater. May even be able to combo the opponent on the way down.
  • j.5C will combo all 5 hits if done on an airborn opponent
  • Fire effect added to all thruster attacks (visual)
  • No more mega crash grabs
  • jumps with the opponent on a break out, making grabs safe to attempt.
  • Rocket has been slightly nerfed. It takes longer for them to home in.
  • However, Rockets seem to load more frequently
  • Attacks that use the shield (such as riot tackle or 5A) have auto-guard properties. If the opponent hits his shield during the startup of these attacks, PTX takes no damage and blocks the attack. Riot tackle has auto-guard through the entire charging duration and during the recovery animation too.
  • Gun reload animation is faster.
  • 5A knocks the opponent higher
  • can no longer instantly cancel the dash’s startup into a jump


  • 22+Attack covers the whole floor and is slightly stronger
  • 41236 + B&C knockdown
  • 5C can combo into 3C
  • Jabs push opponent away more
  • golden pimp slap causes knockdown on hit
  • golden drop kick sends him very far across the screen, making it useful for punishing keep away!
  • can combo j.5C into gold crash any time
  • gold crash hits OTG
  • 2C hits low
  • Gold Quake hits low
  • Gold Crash hits low (but not air gold crash)


  • Six cannon super has slightly less startup time.
  • minimum height for using voomerangs, meaning no tigerknee
  • Can only do 1 red hot kick in the air now
  • Mach Speed now has the same properties as Chun Li’s lightning legs super. Joe can follow the opponent up after the launch and continue to combo.
  • Bombs have a fire effect added to the hit
  • Air Joe now drags the opponent down, meaning more hits
  • Charged Voomerangs home in more sharply and charge faster
  • Can combo after his level 3 super


  • Level 3 super is much more powerful
  • 5C is now cancellable.
  • 5A hits low
  • J.C is also cancellable allowing her to control space very well with J.C xx 421+A/B/C.
  • The unblockable version of 5C can be cancelled into 3C for some very damaging aerial raves
  • Unblockable shot does less damage
  • 6C causes the opponent to stagger step and combos into her 214+A/B/C grab. Her assist has not been changed to follow this pattern.
  • Grenades are super and baroque cancellable
  • Her lingering sphere shot stays on the feild for a while, but deals less hits than before, meaning no infinite.
  • Her assist now knocks the opponent all the way back across the stage, allowing some characters like Ken to make good use of it.
  • grenades have a fire effect added
  • Her unblockable bullet super can not knock down on giant characters!
  • Positron storm super is more powerful and easier to use


  • Ippatsumans 623+Attack has same properties as Kens 623+B/C.
  • Ippatsumans dash~623+attack has same properties as Kens 623+B/C.
  • Several resets actually combo now
  • his level 3 now eats up meter a lot faster.
  • can combo from 6C shoulder tackle, which no longer has super armor
  • has more combo options off 2C sweep


  • 214+Attack seems a lot faster. The rock comes out very quickly.
  • 623+Attack is faster as well.
  • 2B has less hit stun, making her attack strings less safe
  • J.B got nerfed. Has lesser range and the mid-screen re-jump (B) combo no longer works.
  • Its harder to land 423+B when the opponent is jumping in now. You have to dash towards their position and do the far grab to land the Grab-Tree-Taunt loop.
  • Her moves now do more damage. Probably to accommodate her combo nerfs.
  • her tree takes longer to explode
  • jumping rock summon starts lower and therefore hits faster
  • Tonzura grab has less range on the grab
  • Tonzura grab works well in the corner now
  • can cancel her summons into each other


  • Yatterpellican has been replaced with Yatterwan for 2P colour
  • 2C has a smaller hitbox
  • 623+A/B/C all have more recovery
  • Combos 2C to 6C with ease.
  • Yatterwan’s fire dog breath takes longer to come out, meaning it’s better suited to attacking opponents while they’re OTG from being hit by the first hit part of the move.
  • his level 3 super does more damage
  • his 6C pops the opponent up higher

POLIMAR (yes, another spelling change)

  • On airborne opponents, 236+Attack hits much like the assist version of the attack, thus allowing for easier comboing into charge 46+A and 623+attack, attack, attack. Has no knock away on airborne enemies.
  • 6C has less knock away and allows easier comboing of 623+attack, attack, attack.
  • Can combo into all charge 46 A/B/C specials and can dash after
  • Can combo into his level 3 super off 5C. Either 5C has more stun time or his level 3 super comes out faster.
  • Can combo his chargeback fists after a 2C and 6C
  • His rekka air kicks allow for slight pauses inbetween hits
  • Can chain 2C > 6C more frequently in combos
  • entering his stance has some invincibility frames
  • 6B is cancellable


  • Fireball no longer causes knockdown on hit, but does have a lot of hitstun
  • Ryusei kick no longer bounces back after being blocked, making it less safe. It also has a slower startup and travels at a steeper angle
  • can now perform 2 ryusai kicks per jump in a combo
  • Tardy Counters don’t have infinite super armor. The armor will go away after a few hits.


  • Counter special now causes the opponent to go into a slow crumple on hit
  • C version shoulder tackle can wallbounce. A version causes stagger and can extend combo. B version knocks down. The A version can combo from 5C and 6C, but has no super armour.
  • 2B cancels into 2C
  • Draws out more souls per hit when in oni mode.
  • ‘slowdown’ effect added to his fierce hits (visual)
  • Oni mode Soki has more lag on a quick soul absorb cancel, making soul absorb less useful as a cancel
  • 6C is slower
  • 2A is faster
  • Oni Mode has chip damage on all normals


  • No longer has her j.2B infinite
  • 5A hits low
  • Darkness Illusion is weaker
  • j.5B has a lot more blockstun and hitstun
  • 2B now combos into 5C
  • 6C pops the opponent up above her head rather than pushing them away. Counts as a launcher on airborn opponents
  • Shell kick now slams airborn opponents down on the last hit, preventing infinites.

Excellent idea! Keep the work on it coming consistently.

Chun could always combo lv3 from SBK.

Ok thanks for clarifying that. I’ll change it.

could it be that this isn’t a new change but comes from the usual 16:9 vs 4:3 problem?

I believe I saw Soki’s counter Issen special create a stagger on hit similar to Kara’s fully charged 6C in :54’ish length vid on youtube.

No I think it really knocks back futher. that tackle was clearly PTX’s A version of the special. Normally when that hits an airborn opponent, they’re sent at a low arc and only ends up a few character widths away from PTX. This time, they went flying away at a far high arc. The difference is too noticable to be just screen issues.

I thought there was something odd about souki’s counter. It inflicts crumple now.

Doesn’t Souki’s counter always cause crumple?

IIRC, Soki just kinda dashes right through the attacking character and the attacker just flies up a little.

I checked it. When he counters in the japanese version, it just hits them up into the air a bit.

He’ll probably be able to combo from it now, similar to what Yatterman does after landing his electric shock attack.

It’s still not a very useful skill if if it doesn’t work on lows and aerial moves.

Ah. I usually thought it always cripples because that was what happened in the Trailer 2 of TvC. I rarely use Souki so I don’t really know. XD

It looks like the speed on jun’s bombs super has been upped a little bit (while it’s executing, not startup frames). probably not too much of a functional change, but maybe it’ll keep people from falling out of it.

Batsu no longer good!!! Fireball does not cause free fall anymore!!! NOW HE SUCKS!!!

That sucks pretty bad, but the freefall fireball wasn’t the best thing he had or anything. If this takes away the fireball>lvl 3 combos though, that would be shitty.

this should mean no more batsu infinite.

Not to argue but name a better move. Tardy counter is only good because he had an infinite(sp) That free fall made for so much shit it is not even funny. Easy as hell combos into your partners lvl three. That shit with casshern is too good. But if he is still good I would just like to know how because I see that nerf as hella bad for Batsu!

The freefall inf was almost never used in actual matches. He’s still got his crossups, his tardy counters (which aren’t just good because of the inf, they were a great tool against pressure games), his overhead>low resets, good easy damage on normal combo strings, excellent team up supers and DHCs from the fireball.

is there going wifi play for the US of the game(heard it from rumors >__>)

We don’t know that yet.

Can someone link me to the video where it shows Batsu’s fireball not causing knockdown? That is a pretty major change for Batsu. It’ll make a lot of his more fun DHCs impossible.

[media=youtube]11abyYNz45I[/media] this one!
It’s pretty much a hadoken now.

Pff, that sucks. A hadouken that doesn’t even go full screen.

Well batsu’s still good I guess. At least VJ can still do this sort of thing with his red hot kick.