TVC Wii Online [BAD] Games Thread

Air them out and give feedback!

Let’s get this cracking!

Just had a game against a guy called AC 1 or something…i played him first game and raped him then 2nd game got half way through destroying him and he quit lol sad guy…cant even send messages on wii :frowning:

Lucky you. Your the 1st bad game post. Congrads and lol to sending messages on the wii. Be lucky u cant, will save you alot of stress…

Ragequitters thread in the main TvC section.


i played this one dude who had alex, and he just sat there and took the ass whooping. very disappointing.

Post pics and video of the rq’s so i can laugh…

bad games? mm id say the most irritating player iv ever played was today and he picked tekkaman and ryu, me playing as polimar and joe the condor, the most annoying thing about this guy was that he just ran away and threw out projectiles and turtled for the whole match. I’m not calling him cheap or whatever but random supers every 3 seconds and running back to the corner to get more meter is just so damn irritating i beat him but it wasnt fun -__-.
and im a tekkaman player and i still got annoyed

some rage quitters :slight_smile: im proud ha.

IRONLQRD (2000+) didnt like that i had beaten him twice before and this third time…i guess he didnt wanna lose anymore BP x)

My apologies to anyone I may have disconnected on while playing for a brief period of time. My connection tends to mess up off phone calls…no, I am not on dial-up…

im all for calling people out but i dont think this will do anything. first off, who’s going to remember these names? secondly, who is going to quit when they see that they’re connected with any of these ragequitters?

Sorry, that might have been me. But then again, I never use Tekkaman. I use Tekkaman Blade.

Bad games to “Kamano.” Bad games to ANYONE who picks a goddamn giant. So fucking boring to fight. I can beat them but it’s just so stupid. It’s either they put you in the corner and fatass you to death or you run away and throw projectiles. I’m going to just pick Ryu and Tekkaman by default instead of my usual Ryu/Polymar because at least I can easily kill a giant with Tekka.

Giants should be banned imo. I think I’ll be banning them in my tournaments.

I seen justin w last weekend kill the giant fast with tekka. I seen the cheap stuff that character does and yea, might need to be banned. I dont want to see in the finals somebody getting fatassed to death. lol

I played some guy, forgot the name, but he rage quited on me, it was just rape, i took <1% damage (all chip) and ko’d both his teammates, he then disconnected and ruined my 28-0 100% win ratio

also today i played 3 rage quiters in a row

and two other names

I rage quit once. Some dude had zero and the game would pause, then combo my ass to death. Never even got a block or punch out. Lag switcher i think.

I just got a ragequitter named “Zero”. There was some lag, but it was still playable. In the first fight, he used zero and just did C -> 6C -> throw. I couldn’t do much about it, he won that match. We had a rematch, he picked, if my memory doesn’t fail me, Soki and Alex. I picked T. Blade and Saki. I’d say it was an okay fight, I still had my 2 characters alive with very little health left, he had only alex with next to nothing left. He used Alex’s Boomerang Raid and whiffed. I punished it with T. Blade’s Crash Intrude. He was going to die. He ragequit during it.

We should have some kind of list for these guys.

You mean this guy?

To be fair, he gets disconnected on in one of his videos and he seems to honestly hate DCers, so it might have been an accident.

Awfully suspicious, if you want me to be honest.