TVC Wii Online [BAD] Games Thread

It is. He’s not the playing to win type either, feels you should give people time to ‘switch’ if their characters are low on health etc. For some reason he also seems really proud of making G2 in SFIV…
I see you live in Portugal, are you able to find games easily? I really want to play this game but there isn’t anyone to play against offline. I’m scared this game doesn’t sell enough in Europe to make people want to play online…

Unless there happen to be two "zero"s on tvc, which I doubt, it was him who I fought against.

Of all moments to get a disconnect, it’s a hell of a coincidence for it to be just as I landed the Hyper that would end the match.

Either way, yeah, I find people relatively easily. Usually doesn’t take longer than 30 seconds to find me an opponent, and never ever more than a minute. You shouldn’t have trouble either.

EDIT: I make a comment on his youtube account

He’s all like “no u”

I make a second comment further explaining what happened, he deletes it.

Guilty, much?

This. Ran into a guy named “KIRA” who used Ryu/Zero. He had a serious lag spike. I could barely get a hit in while his moves were coming out just fine because he was using simple command (wiimote/nunchuck). I stopped moving after he hit me with lvl.3 single button super. dude taunted and did his dial-a-combos via wiimote. Shit was retarded. Avoid this player if you can.

BGs to BUNNY X. Why does everyone ragequit with Megaman characters?

Another guy I fought before him RQed but I don’t remember the name. Think it was CHANGSTA or something.

Also BGs to all the players playing with Simple Commands in Ranked Battles. It’s a VS game; the moves are already easy to do.Some characters are freakin stupid with single button specials/supers. As if Tekkaman Blade wasn’t easy enough to use…They should be an indicator as to what the player uses in most online matches. That and an option to drop the battle before the match starts so you don’t have to fight againist laggers, ragequitters, and easy mode players.

had the same problems against kira as well

hey that happens to me for some reason too it sucks

hey that happens to me for some reason too it sucks

It has helped before in a way for SF4. There was a site or something made with MANY pics showing the names and screenshots of people ragequitting. It was quite funny to see those people come up and apologize and promising not to do it again.

Can’t you just make up any name on the Wii, does it check for duplicates?

Also, not that good maybe played 4 or 5 games online not with friends and had 1 mega rage quiter.

Lolz, Maybe they expect me to jump in a predefined pattern while doing my main attack.

I believe it will tell you if it is in use already for TvC online.

I don’t think it checks for Duplicates. I deleted my SavedGame by accident a couple of days ago, Right away, I created another with the same name, I think I got a different friend code, and it didn’t give me any errors.

bunny x is really good at quitting at the precise moment he or she has lost. youd think after 202 games people would figure out how to break out of a giant grab

What you wanna do is change the channel on your router. Chances are your phone is cordless and both your phone and router use the same channel causing a disruption in the air waves(?) It will work, trust me.

Avoid playing againist RAZ0R. He lags the match on purpose so his Wiimote Zero can dominate. if you’re going to fight him, I recommend using a giant.

I think I fought a guy with that name before.

DLM16A2 6000BP+

–> SHOTTA <-- 2000BP+

both rage quit…

Oh shit, thank you for that. Going to look into how to do that! Finally, no more DC’s :smiley:

JARJARED, some ragequitter. Comon, I’m just some scrubby player, just accept the lost.

850+ BPs

Another ragequitter, in less than 30 mins of the last one no doubt. It wasn’t even definite if I would win that one too. Comon guys, don’t ragequit.

StrudelB is a rage quitter. I kind of do not blame him though. I am not the best player and I got a perfect on him. He quit right as he has in the middle of the super that would have ended the match.

Then there is Superfly…Or should we say SuperDC.

VIRUS has one of the worst connections ive ever played against.
Twin707, 400+ matches and can’t handle a foward c apparently =/ RQer