TVC Wii Online [BAD] Games Thread

Kr33d, some Volnutt/Zero player who plays keep away with lag.

Inputs were off :frowning:

Got 2 more for you all:


Both ragequitters. Keep a watchout for them!

Bad games to anyone who uses Zero. Which is everyone so far. So much range and priority, and J.C makes me rage. That is all.

Davey, bad game to you.

Oh I love this shit. Found another ragequitter while playing. Player name “IM SUPER (2000+ | Super Master)” rage quit on me after I lvl 3 his ass out with Ryu on a tag from TekBlade to Yatterman-1.

Anyway, have fun with this guy. He’s not all that good neither but he will RQ you in a sec.


Another ragequitter. IGN: CHRIS

Instead of making seperate posts each time we find someone, can we make an archive of everyone we’ve found who RQ or somewhat so it’ll be easier to access to find out who’s who?

lol a guy from ragequit on you


A switch laggy PTX user. Bad times, bad times.


One, awful name. Two, Wiimote Zero.

TWINKIE! 1058bp

Another PTX switcher.


Gold Lightan with laggage! Whoo…

Jeez, I’ll probably have to stop playing ranked to stop getting matched with these guys. :frowning:

MARIO (with male gender symbol at the end)

A ragequitter, enough said.

Shotta got me too. RQ when his Saki/TekBlade spam wouldn’t work on me.

Bad games for all the tekkaman blade players with lag involved. Falchion is just broken with lag. =(

ZEXION19, you need a better connection man. Laggy as hell.

TABOO, wasting my time, ragequitting on the RESULTS page.


I still own you, Wiimote Zero. Bah lol.

EDIT: Just ran into you again. Give it up. :razz:

JD28, you need a better connection man. Seeing Zero in slo-mo ain’t cool.

Here’s another for you all:

MAJYOKKO (2000+)
PHOBOS (2000+ Ultra Super Master)

against PHOBOS
I kinda saw he was using a G.Lightan icon so I assumed he was going to use a giant so I went with TekBlade/Saki just in case. First match he didn’t but 2nd match he did but he used PTX instead…good thing I chose to go with TekBlade/Saki again. Anyway, I had no more life and caught him with TekBlade’s super at the end…long and behold…click. Honestly, I’m sick and tired of this.


ragequitter with an awful name


offensive name, a switch lagger, and a ragequitter

Enough said.



Player named Kenza~ , He lags like HELL. The match froze during one of ken the eagles supers for like 2 minutes.

Amazing. It appears that not even TvC is safe from rage-quitters.


With This video I say all, I hate all rage quitters…

BGs to BRS

A wiimote player with over 5000 BP. He has a pretty effective strategy with Zero: Super jump, dive move, low slash combo, repeat. That and mashing attack button with his Condor until he auto hit confirmed(Wiimote is so retarded). What made the match even more stupid was that he taunted.

Walk into any TVC tournament with a wiimote in your pocket, and you’ll be laughed out the room before you even have the chance to get your ass beat. That wiimote shit don’t work offline.

Here’s a list of wiimote users I’ve played in one night. Some of these players are in the 3000-6000 BP range:


Apparently, none of these players are capable of performing circle motions

EDIT: Got some more wiimote users:

SBX 06

Very BGs to THE BEST. He had the perfect Wiimote Ken/Ryu lag strategy:

B Bird Run, B Bird Shoot, B Bird Run, Eagle Rush, Assist, repeat

As if Polimar/Alex doesn’t have a hard enough time dealing with long range characters. Would have been able to punish properly offline.

Also avoid playing againist KID~X. I don’t know what he did, but after I beat him, the game gave him the points at the results screen. Then it left me there on that screen waiting for a response from the other player. I sat there for a good minute before I reseted, the game counting the reset againist me.

Yeah, I’m pretty much done with online mode. Let the wiimote scrubs have their false sense of skill.

BGs to BAM

Haha, Silly wiimote scrub. I had to win via timeout when I pwned his Ryu and his wiimote Zero auto hit confirmed into lvl.3 super on both my characters:

AT, AT, AT, forward+ AT+S

Then he spend the rest of the match doing super jump, dash, slash dive xx combo all day. I wasn’t having that, so I kept super jumping, tagging him a couple of times to lower his damage and take the win. Stick to online Brawl chump.

Yeah… Sad to say, but online play in this game sucks major bawls. Switch laggers and ragequitters, I can’t deal with them anymore. I’m gonna hold out till SSFIV now. :frowning:

What other outcome could there be when introducing anime loving Wii owners to competetion?