TVC Wii Online [GOOD] Games Thread


Give props and feedback!

Let’s get this cracking!


American Version FTW!


love this american version an how we gonna have a good games thread with out a TvC Wii Code thread ???


Post your wii code in here–>


i was going to start this thread! lol


ggs to all i played


record matches please


^ And post them asap =]


gg’s to the few i played today and last night. had a good ryu player the other night that was pretty good. not too bad for the first run through of the game.



I’ll post more up. I lost in some also using classic controller


GG’s to Rave>Dan.
A little laddy. I wish I could fix it.


Good games to Reigun. Taken my team out simultaneously with Roll’s mop super was freaking awesome. I believe that was the first time I ever lost and almost fell out of my chair laughing at the same time.


Good games to Rabbit. :smiley: Sparring all night was pretty fun. His mix-ups are outstanding, and Tekkaman hurts like a motherbitch.


There was a guy named something like DJScratch or something like that…AJScratch? Anyhow, I went some rounds with him. His Polymar handed me my ASS. Good games.


GGs to EMW…His damn Saki spam came. He came back and got two or three great victories with it.


Baest…Actually they where not good games. He totally destroyed me. Made me want to curl up in a corner and cry.


Demon JP (i think thats the name)

good Ryu/TekBlade player


TOFU, if you’re out there, you are a great player. Whooped my ass and he started with 0 BPs. Good play!


Yeah, I played him just recently. Damn guy was good using those two. To be honest, I barely got a chance to pull anything out. Oh well, good games with him though.


Telru, you crushed me pretty good. It wasn’t the smoothest connection, but after I get some more practice in, I’d like to play again anyway.