TVC Wii Online [GOOD] Games Thread


GG’s to REDEYES. Awesome Jun/Megaman!


GGs to Substant, I was “purify”. I’m new to this game so I had no idea what some of that stuff you were hitting me with was…I’m guessing that shiny punch thing you were setting up with Cashern is unblockable.


GGs to YATTER, whoever you were. Awesome Yatter2 pressure.


All the People that gived me headches on playing and Dont rage Quit when I beat… I love you (sounds gay but, nah), ggs…


good connection with play anyone and have 5 great matches with me winning 3-2


I’m gonna be good person, and salute Saikyo!!! (4550BP) for 3 awesome gg’s… First One he won with a Barroque Soki combo of 25k bill. Then the second I won with a good strategy, and the third was a butcher shop, I perfect’d him…

I salute you for not Rage Quit SaiKyo!!! I salute you, But I wanted to add you to rivals…


If anyone wants to play Hit me up on SRK or aim: Shakugan Chaos. I also record matches


Definite Good Games to IPOP, Good Connection, Around equal skill levels, many matches.

I had fun, but I was hoping to have registered as Rivals.


my TvC name = Bad Guy

gg’s DGLOWER, one of the few ppl i dont lag much against. and gg’s to SAIKYO!! although its been some time since we last played


Shoutout to DYNE!!

I got myself a Mayflash Wii LAN Adapter last week in the mail and it’s been working quite well. Our connection was the best I’ve had to date, so I look forward to playing you next time! Come to my tournament this weekend at FFA!


Hey man, how exactly that lan adapter works? I get connected through a router so my wii is setup with that wireless connection, but what if sometimes I want to connect directly through the lan adapter? Do I have to delete my wireless connectivity, so in that way the wired one will work? Or can I have 2 types of connection, both data saved in the wii? I just want to plug the lan adapter, play tvc, then unplug it, and get my router working again. Something easy and simple.


If the LAN adapter is plugged into the Wii’s USB port and the Ethernet to the LAN adapter and router directly, go into the Wii system menu and change the internet connection settings to a wired connection. The Wii’s internet connections allows for 3 profile slots, so you can still have wireless settings as well as wired settings for when you’re using the LAN adapter.


ggs to “AL” One of the best players I’ve ever lost againist, and he’s at 0BP.

skilled player w/ no BP >>>>>>>> Wiimote scrubs w/ over 1K BP

Also, ggs to “ARBY”. Great matches with great connection.


Good games to a RAOHI, Excellent Connection, Good Zero and mind tactics.

It was definitely fun, no matter how many times I lost and it very good practice for my Ryu/Roll.


Wow, this thread is dead as hell.

Anyway, good games to Kuzco, a Frank player I played yesterday. Best online Frank I’ve ever played.



GG to R. D …ripped me a new one…great stuff…


Any1 wanna play hit me up in aim or skype :slight_smile:


Good games to a Nexislee. I accidentally pressed no to a rematch, but thanks for the rival registration.

I really wanted to practice against Gold Lightan.


ggs to dboy30


Good Games to Porky? (with question mark)

That’s a very good Mega Man in which I’ve never really fought before.

Good games to a I->Lagged. That Saki was very annoying, which means you a great with her. That was a extensive play session, but it’s 4 AM and I’m getting tired.