TvCIsland Help!


Alright, Lets jump this off I want TvC to grow even more so I decide to make a blog site instead of a full blown site. It will Focus on TvC but I will post other news on it.
Right now I would like some right ups on the system of TvC give definitions on terms that we use and control info. Just PM articles you guys right up I’ll handle the rest. Lets get this site up and running…make it look Godlike!! Heres a link to the site I’m trying to do some custom template design so we are going to have to go with this basic look for now.


Sweet! I don’t know about the blog format, but I guess whatever works to keep TvC out there. Hope this takes off.


I’m willing to help contribute whatever if needed.


So…why is it an island?




Why the fuck not lol. Islands are amazing YOU LIVE ON ISLAND.

But ya all I need you guys to do is do writes ups on the system or character write ups do it like you would do a thread.