TvC's Ranking System Discussion


To kick off the thread: How come I’m at a high rank but I mostly go against people of low ranks? (Around Rookie status)

Also, I don’t know how many times I have beaten a person with either A) a higher rank than mine, or B) the same exact rank as mine, but yet no promotion.

Is this thing f’d up or what? How does it all work out, exactly…

This does not deserve a new thread, sorry. Also, playing online is garbage…

I’m pretty sure they don’t match you up with people of similar rank and if they do, then it’s very loosely and you might get matched up with whoever. You get promotions at certain BP levels. Your BP rises anywhere from 1-50 BP each time you win, depending on how close your opponent’s BP is to yours. Opponents with similar BP levels earn you the most BP, opponents with far off BP (even if it’s much more than you) give you less. And there are easily worse threads than this one.

Most of which are mine, lol.

I’m wondering how the others get their ranking up so high if there are that many misinterpretations. My friend got to Ultra King in a week.

Took me 3 weeks to get to Ultra Champ.

Guess you gotta get matched with the right people, huh?