Tvranbat Signups


A few members here and some close friends of mine are getting a weekly ranbat together of SSF2T SF3: Third Strike and Kof 98,2k2 so if your interested email us at or u can sign up here We will be holding the first meet on sept 19th 8p.m. central time


I’m in.


Well lookin for some jjba players we doin a ranking battle on oct 11th


Well I’m in for kof98 and 2k2, but I doubt you will get enough players…and please, no laggers.


welll we droped 2k2 but ill sign u up for 98


you know im in for some jjba =D

spreadin the word about, so hopefully we have some players for it.


so far 5 us players and one english player for jjba


Im down for jba. What time?


Count Me In 4 Jojos…



JoJo’s all fucking night.

I’m in.


thats what i like to see and jjba is on sat at 8pm central after the kof 98 matches

remember u can also sign up at the site on the players lists topic here:


JOJO’S, roukyou you better had put me in my man. :wgrin: I Can’t wait, jojo’s all night!


fuck it ill play


im down for St, and 3s


i added u to the list as well as emil for kof 98


Turns out i might not be able to attend this (more like most likely @_@) cuz i got some birthday celebrations to do saturday night. Just letting you know in advance so your not all waiting around for me. I really wanted to play but seldom do i get a chance to hang out with the boys. =( Good luck everyone! I will be rooting for you RD, and Roadapple of course :wink:


got it and have fun man


:frowning: im not waiting anymore lol

i hung around for like an hour