TVs at EVO?

What kind of TVs do they use at EVO (not the flat screens that is). Our game center is thinking about buying new TVs and would be kinda cool to say we use the same as the ones at EVO.

So yeah, if anyone knows please do tell :slight_smile: this is the evo monitor, but it is indeed flat screen… so Im confused by your question.

Well, you can’t play 3S and GG:AC and such on those if I’m correct?


Those are the TVs I’m talking about.

If you have a backwards-compatible PS3 you can.

SD games still lag on some HD screens though. I am curious to what kind of Samsung television sets were used with the SD games for Evo.

They looked pretty generic to me, and they’ve probably had them for like 5 years anyway

Are you talking about the CRTs or the LCDs? Because Mr. Wiz specifically had a thread in here and tech talk asking which monitors to buy.

FYI: PS3’s playing PS2 games always lag at least three frames. It doesn’t matter what kind of TV you have or how you’ve connected it. It’s a problem with the console itself; all PS3 models with backwards compatibility do this. It is unavoidable.

If you care about lag–and you probably do if you’re asking about Evo’s TV’s–make sure you play PS2 games on good old PS2’s. (Of course, it’s harder to get a setup where your PS2 won’t lag on your HDTV, hahah. Tough world, huh?)

Can you even buy crt tv’s anymore?

Since finding a CRT will probably be a pain you could try the ps2 console->VGA converter-> LCD monitor
this thread talks about hdtv lag with a vga converter as one of the best solutions

Samsung TX-R2035 20" DynaFlat CRT TV

ASUS VH236H Black 23" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen Full HD 1080P LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 20000 :1 (ASCR) Built in Speakers

So you compete on the 23" ASUS right? if so thats cool it’s only $219.99

Just seearch your local craigslist if you want to find CRTs. You can usually get a fairly decent one for $50-$70 I’ve found.