TVvC @ Tourney Play #5! Irvine CA

#1 Comeon TvC players. hype this we need more people! (yes i know i mispelled it)


TP5 is a pretty big even in the smash scene, we got lucky enough for the GC guy to consider letting us run a TvC tournament on either Sun or Sat. Thing is, we need at least 16-24 players in the tournament. Anything less is more or less a exhibition. So show some support! Sign up!


Aren’t you guys going to that CSULB tourney tomorrow?
Also, please post tourneys and gatherings in the pac south matchmaking board. There’s a tvc thread there, so check it out!


I will consider this tournament. Also, yeah, post this in the SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom thread.


hmm…ticket is cheap, time date is quite ahead of time…i may consider flying out to this if ther’s enough people wanting to join


I wish I could come but I live in NYC …lol fail


I miss living in SoCal. My poor college budget won’t allow me to fly back home for this lol