TW SEASON 2 - partner search thread, CALLING ALL HDR PLAYERS


This thread will be used to find partners for the 2 v 2 Season 2 of Tournament Wars, geared to start soon after the release of SSFIV on April 27th, 2010.

I will monitor this thread and update this post with people’s names if they ask me to be added to it.

So post your name and what characters you play or think you will play - you can have a main and an alternate.

Also, feel free to post more info like why you’re looking for new people, what style of play you prefer your partner will play, or anything else that you deem necessary. If you’re not sure whether you have a partner or not, I can still put you down as a maybe.


ejdge - KEN / ?
RickClops - ? / ?

Don’t forget you’ll have 4 characters per team (Main/Alt for both team members).


Though I guess it could change.

People that I’ve heard that have formed up:

Kriangkrai/Ghrrk - Strawberry Sex
Adam/King - No team name yet
Elias/Mandel - The Muggish Negros
Nolan/Jared - no team name yet
Hyre/Mike - Black Dynamite?
Jodo/Mystic Cubistic? - something about tacos i forgot.
Cole/Mickey? - unconfirmed team but
Ceramic Sugar/DrDoomKills

lots of people out there for teammates…I thought Matt/Mikhail were teaming up but i guess not. Off the top of my head ppl that are “free agents”:

Mark Santos
Tanaka? (Might’ve found a partner)

The list is pretty big, I mean besides the teams I mentioned I think it’s fair game.

But people need to start forming up teams now, just because the game isn’t out until April means that team sign ups will last then…I do have a schedule to make remember? :lol:

I’m either with chris or kriang for S2, both are tentative nothing set in stone.

I don’t have a teammate yet.

Will most likely be playing Guy, haven’t decided on an alt yet.

I’m thinking that instead of taking the safe choice for me and matt, I would try to team up with someone completely new - more fun that way. I’m still undecided.

The people that formed teams, it would be cool if they came by here and confirmed. I can put up a team list on here too - that way everybody knows who’s with who.

Francis and Drew are both effing Solid. You’d be dumb not to jump on their bones for team mates.

Not sure if Drew is even going to play 2nd season.

Looking for a partner for SSFIV in Season 2. Ryu, Adon.

Also- if Tekken 6 is going to be in Season 2 I’m looking for a partner in that too. Hwoarang, Paul.

Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

Dustin (dkn) and I are Team mates Team 817 as of now I’m playing Akuma/Cammy

oh pick me PICK ME!!!


I’ll figure it out after super drops. and I suck so don’t plan on wining anything.

As far as I know me and Chris are a go(MysticCubistic) - I’ll be using Fuerte/Ibuki.

looool he wasn’t kidding.

Looking for a partner. Someone on the north end that can practice multiple times a week. I can host.

I play Honda, also learning Sim.

im not 100% sure if imma play season 2 but if anyone needs a shitty sim id prolly be down

Vivek, I’ll team up with you. I’m not 100% sure either.

Also looking, although Im only 85% sure I’ll be in WA then at the moment, (hopefully this percentage will increase soon). But anyways Rufus player. (flexible with 2nd character depend on teammate’s characters

Reasons why I should be considered despite this 15% chance/ Not being in state at the moment.:
-I have a particular strength in thinking of whimsical/humorous yet at the same time fear inspiring team names
-I am very 'hungry’ for Sf4 often at the expense of school or work. (skipped a whole week of work in Beijing by faking swine flu and just going to the arcades every day.) (Classmates in Hong Kong didn’t know I was their class until the finals.)
-I am also hungry for burritos
-Willing to do copious training sessions with harsh vodka shot penalties, I’m fairly sure that was part of Ivan Dragos training regime.
-Do not horriblely in tournaments (4th 4th 7th at TW singles I think. have a 1st and 3rd since returning to NC, hoping this means im lvling up)

  • Have soul crushing debt so you can bet that I am hungry for that 1st place money.

So if you too are driven by soul crushing debt or blow off rl shit for sf, or fake diseases, or are hungry for burritos, or simply like me have always wanted to be somebody, perhaps we should team up!

Seth mainer here, currently undecided on alt (probably Juri). Admittedly not the best player at the moment in terms of execution, but I practice a lot and I’m willing to put a lot of time into training.

Just want to say I’d prefer someone south of Seattle. Brent maybe?