TW SEASON 2 - partner search thread, CALLING ALL HDR PLAYERS

I’m jared and I currently main ryu but i’m thinking about switching it up to viper to get more interested in the game. for super I wanna try out dudley. I’m in cap hill/montlake and I’d like to get better and that’s only gonna happen if I play more often in person. Who wants to play a lot?

I work in the capitol hill area. So does Nolander. Do you have a spot that can hold small sessions?

Vivek had mentioned he wanted to partner with Duncan at some point because hes the only one who would get as drunk as he does before a TW match lol…

This definitely intrigued me to post, because this is something we need to categorize for some people.

Player Classifications ~

Hungry Hungry Hippo (Level 5)
Ravenous Rhino (Level 4)
Glutton Gorilla (Level 3)
Plump Platypus (Level 2)
Starving Shark (Level 1)
Amoeba (Level 0)

Class Definitions ~
Hungry Hungry Hippo (Level 5) - This person is VERY into playing, as in they eat, sleep, breath, and sometimes even (in extreme cases) poop Street Fighter. They will be down to play anywhere & anytime. You ask “It’s 3AM, don’t you have work in the morning?” “Fuck a job. You just missed your link, I ain’t goin’ nowhere!”. You can count on this person to be like a Kakashi status Shinobi Warrior.

Ravenous Rhino (Level 4) - Not nearly as insane as a Triple H, but still dedicated enough to take you to the next level, using the stairway to heaven. Don’t pretend this person isn’t good, because they are strong like Rock Lee, work their ass off, can’t stop won’t stop. These guys will be able to make sessions a few times a week and go to tournaments regularly. They also have a delicate approach when discussing certain things like if they just took a dump or made love to your sister, very respectable fellows.

Glutton Gorilla (Level 3) - These guys know how to balance their schedule be it Job, Street Fighter, Women, drugs, anal probes. They will be coming out to sessions about once a week, breaking bones as well as hearts (Yes ladies and gents, they know how to spit game). Going to tournaments if it fits into their schedule, but don’t underestimate them, they know how to throw down when it comes to jumping on the sticks.

Plump Platypus (Level 2) - These bastards know their hungry, they either have no motivation to make it out to sessions/tournaments, or their embarrassed to move their asses for a video game. You spot these guys as regular as you spot a Heron in the NorthWest (Roughly once a month in most areas, if you see them more than that, you’re a fucking bird stalker and that’s disgusting). Don’t get me wrong, these guys might not come out as often as the other 3, but they are only limited by match-up experience/execution at this point.

Starving Shark (Level 1) - Like witnessing a Megalodon vs. a Giant Octopus, these dudes are rare like big foot. You see them on the occasion of a tournament, or a session that is right next door to their house, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see them about once every few months. These guys are sharks, mean motherfuckin’ sharks, they will bite your ass if you sleep on them (Don’t ask me why you’re sleeping while playing). These mofos typically don’t come out because they know enough to get away the few wins here or there, and are not motivated to continue evolving their game… Hungry, but too lazy to search for food.

Amoeba (Level 0) -
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Amoebozoa
Phylum: Tubulinea
Order: Tubulinida
Family: Amoebidae
Genus: Amoeba
… This character of person doesn’t come out of their nook/hole/cave/Tower/box/room/masturbation mausoleum/chamber of secrets/Castle of Grey skull for ANYTHING. They will post on the forums about how they do this and that, but NEVER have they EVER set foot inside a gaming establishment or a location that might have games within a 50 miles radius. I do not and will not recommend these guys for anything more than a forum banter weight to make fun of or just fucking laugh at when you’re kicking it with other homies.

It’s sad when reading this I feel triple H but not so bad because that’s who I am…when I do anything I have a drive for…School/Lax and now apparently SF4…I like the “you just missed your link part” shit had me laughin real hard…so did the Amoeba classifications…

do we really need to classify HUMANS?

You either want to play or you don’t.

Best bet is to start sending PM’s, hitting ppl up on Facebook or whatever social network you belong too, calling people, meeting with people at Gameworks or at TournamentWars or at Sessions.

But the bottom line remains

You need to get in contact with ME to solidify your team.

The list that I have up earlier is pretty accurate to determine who is on a team, unless they haven’t talked to me personally.

Here’s the list again:

Kriangkrai/Ghrrk - Strawberry Sex
Adam/King - No team name yet
Elias/Mandel - The Muggish Negros
Nolan/Jared - no team name yet
Hyre/Mike - Black Dynamite?
Jodo/Mystic Cubistic? - something about tacos i forgot.
Cole/Mickey? - unconfirmed team
Ceramic Sugar/DrDoomKills
Dustin/B-kkin - Team 817

If you’re not sure about your team (Like Jodo and D-Lo Brown) I’d suggest getting in contact with said person and make sure you are a lock.

Let’s see how many people will be true Seattlites and wait till the last minute for a team.

DEADLINE - My Birthday (March 9th)

Depending on the situation I might extend it to those that aren’t in TW’s but those that are in Season 1 you guys already have a heads up…plus I gotta work on the schedule and putting teams in divisions BEFORE SSFIV actually drops. Duncan is the only special case as of right now because he will be here (hopefully) in April. James Tak is also another exception because he will be moving back here (I think?) in March.

So get to work.

get to work.

Actually I’m going to make a thread about Season 2, including the team rosters that I have (similar to before). I’ll link this thread so ppl that are looking for partners can check to see who is taken.

Lol, I’d be down for some team corona and lime.

Also I thoroughly enjoyed the hungry post, would read again. :razz:

Frank Bokkin is fine but B-kkin is weird…the zero isn’t really necessary…

and humans have been classified since we began…it’s good to know what you’re getting into when choosing a partner…

edit: OOHHH wow dugg the maidens part reminded me of trogdor…the burninator…you made my day.

Of all the characters you choose you choose Lee to rep the #4 spot? That nigga is on some next level shit when it comes to being hungry, he’s a ninja without jutsus. (mostly.)

And why the hell are those of us that spit game and break hearts “glutton gorillas”? Motherfucker I am a goddamn dragon. I spit fire with my game while villagers be bringing me virgin maidens every hour, on the hour.

Hahahah fuck Im a glutton gorilla. Also, what Dugg said.

Because Lee still loses? He’s buff, hardworking, but he still loses.

Frank, the rules are the same regarding characters i.e. you can’t have the same character twice on a team, right?

We’re talking hunger here, not skill. Like how we all know Jason ain’t that hungry, but damnit if he ain’t losing either. That motherfucker definitely joins me in the Dragon rank. Fuck yo couch. (list)

True, but there is no Dragon rank… This isn’t a Chinese Zodiac.

You misread. ^^

that should answer any questions.

Black Dynamite - Yes

I need a partner as well.

I would need a partner this season.

I’m going to start off with Blanka for sure, but I’m guessing it’s going to be guy(used him in alpha), cammy or I dare say, a shoto (going back to my roots).