Twards RH > SA3(1)

how many people have an issue accomplishing this?! i do it fairly consistantly (ps2 version) i’ve been told it’s a tough combo but i was just wondering what the general majority felt.

Its easy when you realize how much time you have after the forward rh. It’s easier to take it slower than rush it

but I find it hard to do during a match =*(

very easy.

I usually hit it 95% of the time.

Are you guys drumming your fingers? Cuz I can do it pretty much 100% of the time and I play Makoto. >_>

mariodood is gdlk :nunchuck:
its actually not that tough, i can get it about 90% offline, but when i miss its cus i do the SA too early. so it just takes getting used to the timing.

bottom line, if you play dudley this is one of the first things you should learn. no one should be having issue with it since it’s so essential to dudley’s game. besides it’s dirt easy to do.


Only times I really mess it up are in my first few casuals for the day (or if im just not in the game that day heh).

if you piano its basically impossible to fuck up, most links into a fast super are generally the same, as long as you do it around the time you’re supposed to, you get 6 individual opportunities to hit it :T