[TWars DOUBLES] 2v2 Pre-funk tourney- NEED SETUPS


As always, we need SETUPS, please let me know if you can bring one, if you can jsut bring a monitor/console that is great as well, we can always have people pair up. I usually bring two setups, so we’ll have that going though I need someone to give me a monitor for my second setup.

Best Western on Tayor Ave in Seattle, WA
200 Taylor Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

WILL BE DOING THE 2v2 FORMAT unless it bombs terribly.

This is strictly 21+ due to the nature of our venue for the time being.

Or maybe a sort of round robin thing? A plays C, B plays D, A plays D, B plays C, if they are tied then each team chooses someone to finish it off for the victory?

So, keeping in mind that we will be running a Singles tournament starting @ 10:30PM (I think?) for ranbats - here is what i am proposing so far:

MUST BE 21 OR OLDER (sorry minors, this one is taking place in the lounge, please show up for Singles ranbats @ 10:30PM)
8PM Start time
2v2 Teams
3$/player buy-in (6$/team)
Double elimination
Individual matches are 2/3 rounds per game, and 2/3 games per match. Included Finals, though there will be more matches for Finals (more info below)
EVO rules for character choice, if you win a round you have to use the same character, loser is able to switch. You are not locked into a particular character for the duration of the tourney.

A plays C
B plays D

If A beats C, and B beats D, then that’s it, AB wins it.
If A beats C, and B loses to D, then A plays D for the win.

FINALS WILL PLAY OUT AS FOLLOWS (Winner’s, Loser’s and Grand Final)
A plays C
B plays D
A plays D
B plays C

If the teams are tied after 4 matches (2 wins per team), each team will select a player to play in a Final match

3$ buy-in per player, which comes out to 6$/team

Prize Structure:
1st place - 70%
2nd place - 30%
3rd place - [STILL UNDECIDED] - Entry fees? - not sure on this, but that would be 6 people getting prize money and might be a bit much. At the moment I think we will just be giving money to 1st/2nd.

I’ve never ran a 2v2 tourney before, so I am sure I am missing some things, but that’s why I kind of depend on a lot of you more veteran people to help figure this stuff out. So if anyone has any thoughts/opinions on this, let me know in here or via PM depending on how you feel, and we can try to make this a fun event to get everyone hyped for Ranbats.

I’m also not sure wether people would want different teams every week (maybe random teams?) or if people would want to just choose their teammate to go with it. I think Random Teams would help people get to know eachother but some people may be turned off on being in a tournament they paid for with someone who potentially is awful or something. If we did Random I would probably think of loweirng the buy-in.


That sounds like a pretty fun idea, actually! I’d be interested. Gotta see if anyone up here wants to carpool, though.

When I think of 2v2, I think of SBO 2v2, which was pretty much best 2 of 3 pokemon-style iirc.


21+ Sorry, tricks are for kids.


Yeah, as Dugg said unfortunately it’s 21+ since it’s int he lounge of the bar, though the ranbats are in the resturant(mostly atleast) and anyone can come to those. (Starting @ 10:30P)


if only i didnt have to live 100 miles away


On the plus side, once Cole’s opens up you will have a shorter driver to that I think since you can go to it from I-90 heh.


ya coles is only gonna be about an hour for me, and that shit isnt bad at all


Definitely in. Different 2 man teams everytime would be sweet.


HAHAHHAHAHAH and your buster ass homeboy up there wont get a nice welcome down here. maybe you guys should do a 2v2 MTG league.


^^nice lol



may be there for ranbats though.


So in general people like hte idea of this? This way we aren’t doing two singles tourneys back to back which is just a bit much.


2v2 is always fun, im down


I’m down with this as well. It wold also give the random people who don’t have teams for season 2 (like me) a chance to show their skills as free agents.


Yeah, so now I am wondering if we should do structured taems (You pick your teammate) or just throw everyone into a random pool for teams.

I’m thinking you can pick your taemmate, but then I’ll just get a list of anyone that doesn’t have a teammate and pair people up randomly or something that don’t have a team.


Hmm, a Combine of sorts.


Maybe we can do 1 week you pick your partner, and the next it’s random.


Yeah I dunno, first week will be pick your partner if only because it is simpler.


When / where is this gonna happen? It sounds awesome!


First one will probably be Satuday March 6th (not this saturday but a week out)