Tweeting at Evo from a first timer


Ok, so originally I was going to set this up just for my close personal friends to see, but I figure since not everyone will be able to go to Evo this year, Id make this available to everyone. Im going to be tweeting every chance I can about what’s going on, how I’m feeling, how amazing/sad/crazy/hilarious things are at Evo.

Not only that, this is my first Evo, and first major tourney. I’m sure there wont be much about my game play, since I’ll most likely go 2 and out, so be prepared for my to tweet about other people playing, and what’s going on.

Anyways, for anyone who is interested, my twitter is

Thanks, hope you all can enjoy this!


I have a deep, personal hate for twitter. Something just makes me angry about finding out that Ashton Kutcher is trying to decide what salad dressing to pick or Miley Cyrus standing in a long line for a mocha…


And I generally agree… but this is for Evo. I’ll take one for the team :slight_smile:


good on you man my company requires every body to be on msn and twitter linkin…etc… very heavy into the social media

i’ll add you right now


go around and find out who came from Asia or find a posted Pool list!


Thanks for all the support… I wake up to see like 10 people actually following me haha. Nice. Well, Im busy getting ready and tweeting… See some of you at Evo soon!


I too hate twitter. Basically its an RSS feed but for social nerds (heavy facebook/myspace users) who wants everyone to know about their crummy life.

I only joined it for this weekend cuz I want to know whats going on out there while im at work.


I fucking hate twitter and what really gets to me is how ESPN fucking plugs it every fucking day.


I actually use it exclusively to keep easy tabs on the SF community. Gootecks, Mike Ross, Sabin, DJWheat, Slasher etc. I’ll follow you for evo, bro!


I watched a twitter feed at work when E3 was going on. I normally despise twitter but it’s good for events.

I’ll be looking for some good EVO twitters as well.


Man, it sucks that the stream has technical difficulties. The chat members at Ustream are ragging all over it and making jokes about the white guy in the suit. LOL.

Too bad there are no commercial breaks.