Twel(e)ve Tutorial - THONG OF RAGE released!

Currently the video is most graciously hosted at:

As will my future releases (yes yes, I’ll get it done soon. I promise.)

At long last, I promised, and I have delivered. The Twelve tutorial is complete, uploaded, and available for your perusal. Be careful with such knowledge, it’s been known to drive a man insane.

N - Also: FCN.

Notes: 12 minutes and 12 frames, 53 megs. From what I hear, it’s worth it.

I want to make sure everyone knows this is the greatest 3s vid ever produced. Download it with much haste.

Tight, I’m downloading right now Bebop but I’m sure is sick.


U ppl are insane :slight_smile:

Very cool video. V Fun and V instructive.

Keep it up



This is one of the most informative, entertaining, and funniest videos I’ve seen all year.


PS :mad: at your little “shoryu surprise”. I had it on full blast cause I was really getting into the music. :lol: It was hilarious after I watched it a second time though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remy, Necro, Sean? Coming soon?
I SURE AS HELL FUCKING HOPE SO. :wink: :slight_smile:

wow, a lot better than the first one. :stuck_out_tongue:

golf clap

Still downloading, but I’m sure it’ll be orgasmic.

So now we have Twelve, Q, Dudley, and Oro. And there’s a little on charge paritioning for Remy. Let’s show these bitches that there are more than three characters in the game! :smiley:

Where is that dudley one?

start download at 56Kbps


Azn-Anjels did Dudley. Don’t have a link for you, sorry.

if u mean the djb13 thingie of dudley… that was ok… but if u see that as a tutorial then there is a Yang one out too… coz he made one of Yang aswell

Holy shit that was awesome. Will there be one for Remy?

someone out of England made one for Remy, his name is TheHy, hes pretty good… i think he used some footage of Ryo-chin aswell? its a good tutorial :slight_smile: maybe outdated? but i havent seen anything new for Remy in a year or something

it isnt a tutorial actually, its more of telling how to charge with him and stuff, still, its pretty good

I don’t think TheHy used Ryo-Chin footage in his video.

Nice vid, Thongboy.

I think I remember that one, with charge partitioning.

Yes booda. :slight_smile:

awww I feel bad, I havent commented yet on the vid… it looks awesome =) makes me wanna play him, but my Ken is so much better shrug I do play everyone, in casual play ofcourse… But shit man, this is way too good vid, it even explained to me why I should do a 360 which you already said once in some chun-li thread and it makes sense in a way, whatever works :slight_smile:

Ow btw, now I understand why it took so long to make, and it was worth it, you handled alot of good points there :slight_smile:

N - I love you


My Twelve is getting good but I’d love to improve. The video is downloading now.

I think Necro and Makoto need to have videos as they’re both fairly complex characters as well.

SEAN IS NEXT !! <---- he must !

alex tutorial would be possible … he’s another heavy class poker … and tick-thrower … you guys could show the power and the weakness of stungun .

Ryan: Pirate makoto vid? thats alot of grab/fake hayate setups done by shin arlieth =) get it from Bust Karate Dojo, u need BitTorrent though

mmmm, tasty video. Many thanks!