tweleve VS ken ....

this troubles tweleve …
any hope ?

Nope. Sorry.


any prevention , at least ?

poor tweleve :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The problem is that he can literally jab srk EVERY SINGLE MOVE you do. All of them. It’s a damnable shame. So you spend the round poking him with jabs and low mk, then get demolished by two combos. I won’t say it’s an unwinnable match, but I honestly can’t see how any good Ken would lose to Twelve. Seriously.

But, since people are willing to try, I’d say the best advice is to be VERY careful with your air-dashing, and almost never do it at all really. If you’re almost full-screen away, you can bait uppercuts with IAD (instant-air-dash, up-forward -> forward) roundhouse, which will cause you to land immediately so you can block. After that happens a few times, you’ll have a bit of breathing room, as they’ll not want to get baited again. But really, if Ken sees that he can uppercut ALL of your moves, it’s GGPO.

N - I hate Ken.

at last some light …

it’s not totally hopeless, you just need to bait bait bait

when i face a good ken, i normally run the clock out every round (that’s a given), and i just always do the j. rh and j. fp far away to bait a DP and then punish, after a while i just make sure i’m full screen away building meter to punish with the EX ground spikes and using the EX dive when i get close to the corner :P.

i must say it isn’t the most honorable way to win, but i think you already have honor coming out the ears considering your playing with twelve to begin with :stuck_out_tongue:

the one hopeless match up i can’t seem to figure out though is Oro :. Screw his double jump and j.rh

cloak > x.f.l.a.t

are you sure ?? stealth fighting is difficult as hell

you dun really fight

just back jump until u see him do something and then execute xflat

that’s a good fucking idea … but i’m lousy in executing fast

XFLAT is a big gamble since you have to charge meter the whole round, so no using EX moves and try and not get hit by Ken(who can just cr. FP everything bar NDL), and cause a knockdown, cloak, jump back and wait for an opening and then hope it hits, if it doesn’t then you’ve wasted your whole bar. If it does hit, then you could’ve gotten comparable damage by baiting normally.

If you really want to gamble though, an air dash into an air JP sometimes can hit Ken out of the SRK, if your lucky.

If your a good Ken player maybe you should try XCOPY, I mean, you’ve got just about as good a chance with that against a good Ken player as with XFLAT in my opinion anyways.

The thing that really annoys me about Ken vs Twelve is the Hurricane kick and EX Hurricane Kick. Liberal use of st. FP outside of sweep range helps a bit though.

As for Oro, I think instead of going after him, you should charge meter and let him come after you. Don’t let him dictate how close he is to you, he’s just too good at close range it seems. Also it stuffs up his rhythm.


play a ground game with twelve.

he’s you karaUOH
he hurricane kicks you walk under
he fireballs you walk under
he plays poke/dash/throw games with you… you stuff his shit with

if he fucks up a blocked or parried srk nail that shit with either TigerEXTentacles or XFlat

WHAT if … ken use both standing roundhouse and forward , as anti-air ??

when u are baiting srk , ken use roundhouse instead …

I think that Twelve’s just gonna lose this one…

I don’t understand why so many people suggest x.flat it’s a horrible super compared to the needle. In my opinion it’s not useful at all. Against Ken I say just be patient as hell. Throw every chance you get and don’t be scared to walk towards him. you go right under his fireballs and stuff. Walking I think is the best way to bait someone who is not letting you get close with the air dash or just plane old jumping. The instant air dash stopping that thong boy posted is also a really good idea.

Good call, but Thedude’s got a point, baiting an SRK only to find Ken still on the ground and recovered from his s.MK does create some complications, on the other hand, it sets the match to neutral, which isn’t a BAD outcome, and because Ken’s been reacting to you, you could have a (albeit slight) advantage in the situation.