Twelve avatar request

Hello. I was wondering if anyone out there wouldnt mind making me a Twelve avatar. Doesnt have to be spectacular or anything, but as long as it has Twelve on there and “TheSmootherness” in some kind of cool way, that’s fine. If anyone does take this request, just surprise me. Thanks.

I will give it a try :tup:

Too solid. Much thanks.

If you want anything changed I will try and get it done.
Hope you like the Av. :cool:

No need to trouble you any further. Besides, it is good enough. Thanks again.

hi :wink: ! is here anyone who can make an avatar for me!!
its a funny idea!

chun-li is in the middle of the avatar first and waves with her hand to hibiki who stands rigth from her! then hibiki makes her only lvl1 super (u know what super i mean)! hibiki runs through her and when she put her sword in the …(i dont know the word for this) chun-li changes into smoke !! slowly the smoke goes away and morrigan sits on her bats(like her taunt)! and hibiki is dead and falls back!!!

:wink: i know nobody will do this for me , but if anybody dont know what he should do ! pls!! :clap: