Twelve background!

I made this last night, turned out pretty decent. It’s yours if you want to use it.

If you like it…I have PayPal. :wonder:

EDIT: Gah, photobucket downsized it to 800x600. If you want the higher-res version, PM me.

wow homes your very very good im impressed!


Welcome to SRK your twelve pic rocks! Post more!

Personally the clash of art styles sticks out a bit too much for me… I’d have thought that the pic on the left would have blended better with Ikeno’s SF3 artwork since the styles are more similar.

You might want to edit your initial post so that it’s more clear that you did up the wallpaper collage, and not the individual pieces of artwork:

  • Twelve artwork on the left done by Artgerm & Kinsun <link>
  • Twelve artwork on lower right by Falcoon
  • and I have no idea who did the standalone head.

also, thread moved to IMM.

I got all the art from, i had no idea who made it. :confused:

:tup: If you upload your pix to, it won’t resize your pic… dood.[/COLOR]

Ah, good to know. Thanks bro.

Twelve rocks! ~(-.-)~~