Twelve Becomes Self-Conscious And REBELS?

If you finish the game with Twelve and see his ending, you will see the laboratory where Twelve was developed. Everything is normal but at the end, TWELVE’S EYES CHANGE AND YOU CAN SEE PUPILS. RED PUPILS INSIDE THE BLACK EYES THAT HE NORMALLY HAS!!!
Twelve probably became self-conscious and breaks through the glass, starting a rebellion or something.

I want hit you with yoroi-doshi

But then you would have to lift his arm up and smell his god awful body odor from choosing to troll SRK over taking a shower.

Kasumi Suzaku ftw son :rock:

KKZ would be best I think But I want Twin knife Ibuki to live on… So er… Yeah…

Or a Seichuzen Would be good… Punch to chin FTW…

good old shinsho defuse this situation

i want to double hoyouku sen him

Do an ex shoryu to get across the screen