Twelve Combos, Strategies, and Match-ups

It seems like every other character has one of these threads so I guess I’ll make one for Twelve. Feel free to add/suggest your own corrections to this. Here goes…

First of all I HIGHLY reccomend you watch Thongboy Bebop’s Twelve tutorial vid. It is made of win and god. [media=youtube]K3-Oc503dQs[/media]

IAD or Jump :hk:

Cr.:lk: and :lp:

Normal Moves:(Far)

:lp:: A quick shot to the face. It’s your average jab, it has some tick-throw potential.

:lk:: A shot to the shins. Nothing really fancy

:mp:: A knife-hand to the face. Twelve’s quickest and safest poke. Use this control the space between you and your opponent

:mk:: Twelve sticks his knee into the air and look even wierder than he already does. Not very useful out in the open but Cl. MK(Which has the same animation) has uses, more on that later.

:l:+:mk:: Twelve rears back and flicks his leg into the air. Those normal is almost totally useless, it can me canceld/link into SA1 for meh damage

:hp:: Twelve flings an Axe at his opponent at an angle. A useful on-reaction AA just don’t use it too much as it’s somewhat slow recovery and it’s easy to punish if you get parried.

:hk:: Twelve flings the lower half of his body a ways away from him to slice his foe. This is an okay poke to throw out randomly. Good player will parry this with ease and take advantage of thhe recovery time.


:mp:: Looks almost like Necro’s B+MP, it’s Twelve’s only cancelable normal(CL.MPXSA1)

:mk:: Same animation as far MK just up close, It’s pretty safe if blocked. If it hits you can Jump-Cancel this into many many diffrent things(See Combos)


:lk:: Use this along with Cl.MK as part of Twelve’s High-Low wakeup game. It’s safe on a block where you can do LP AXE which actually pushes you away from your opponent. If it hits go for Cr.LK, LP AXE into SA1.

:lp:: Best use as tick-throw bait. Not nearly as useful as LK but a deccent poke that add to Twelve’s poking game.

:mp:: Twelve’s meter building normal. Very quick to spam when you need meter for EX moves.

:mk:: Twelve’s best low poke.

:hp: Twelve turns into a ball and launches himself forward. Not really useful but throw it out once or twice during a match.

:hk:: Twelve’s legs turn into a drill and he slides at his foe. Only do this near your opponent since it’s slow as hell. It hits multiple times on a block for some odd reason.



Cross-up HK, Cr.LK, LP AXE, SA1
Cl.MK (Jump-Canceld) SA1
Leap Attack, SA1
Anti-Air IAD MP (Reset) SA1
Neutral ThrowXXSA1(Hugo)


Cl.MK (Jump-Canceld) SA2
Anti-Air IAD MP (Reset) SA2
LP AXE, Walk Foward, MK,(Reset) SA2
Neutral Throw Instant SA2(Hugo)

For more on Jump-Caceling and instant SA2. See Thongboy’s Tutorial.

Special Moves:

:qcf:+:p:(NDL): The :lp: version comes out right in front of Twelve, The :mp: is almost a half-screen distance away and the :hp: version is a full screen distance away. The EX version has homing capabilites and is very useful as an AA. The normal version is useful as a long range poke.

:qcb:+:p:(AXE): Twelve turns his arms into spines and flails them around. :lp: version has some use as an AA and in combos off Cr.:lk:. :hp: and EX versions are useful in chipping your opponents to death.

:qcb:+:k:,In The Air(DRA): Twelve dives down at his foe. :lk: version comes down at a steep angle and is used in IAD mixups to bait DP’s. :mk: goes down abot a 45 dgree angle, the HK version has the farthest reach and can nail people by suprise. All versions are VERY easy to parry. The EX version is fast and hits twice and is relativley safe if parried or blocked mix it up with the EX and orther DRA variations. All versions are overheads.

Supers Arts:

:qcf::qcf:+:p:XNDL(SA1): Twelve’s most useful super, also an easy AA on reaction. Combos off Cr.Lk and Cl.MP. It has upper-body invincibilty. Meaning you can parry the first two or so hits of a fireball super and still nail them with a super for damage. You can do this on Urien too if he corners you with an Aegis. The only bad thing about this super is that the less of the wave hits your opponent the less damge it’ll do(Think Venom’s Death Bite Hyper In MVC).

:qcf::qcf:+:k: In The Air, XFLAT(SA2): I only use this vs scrubs. You only get one longass super bar to land an easy to spotand avoid super. It’s Twelve’s most damaging super but the only reliable way to land it really is to JC if off a Cl.MK really. You can nail jump-happy people in mid-air for blah damage or get parried(Yes you CAN get parried as it’s only one hit) and blow a whole super…

:qcf::qcf:+:p:XCOPY(SA3): This is actually better than SA2 sometimes. You basicly turn into your opponent’s character and can use thier moves but not thier EX moves or supers. In return, you do more damage and take less damage than they do. Make sure you score a knockdown or GTFA from your foe before you change back. Twelve takes a FUCKLOAD of damage while he changes back.


:lp:: Twelve sticks out his furthest hand at a 45-degree
angle. Comes out fast and stuffs some things.

:mp:: Twelve stupidly sticks his hand out in the same fashion
as his standing MP, except in the air. This has good On-reaction AA capabilites and will stuff certain moves.

:hp:: Twelve turns his arm into scissors and closes them like
you would with scissors. Very long range and good damage but if you get parried it’s your ass.

:lk:: Twelve sticks his knee out. I randomly throw this out after a bunch of MP’s when I AD. It hits people like 80% of the time, even if they are parry happy.

:mk:: Twelve flicks his leg out at an angle. I never use this because it’s only useful for whiff-throw mixups while AD-ing.

:hk:: Twelve turns his legs into one big spike. This crosses up and is actually useful to use as they wake-up because they’ll get paralyzed in block-stun. Leaving you safe to do anything.


To IAD simply tap :r: :r: quickly as you jump or :l: :l: for a reverse Air-Dash. You CANNOT parry while you are AD-ing since the game registers this as a dash instead of a normal jump. So you MUST plan to avoid whatever kind of AA the opponent WILL throw at you.(See Thongboy’s Vid)

Air-Dashing Strats:

This section will explain what attacks to use at what distance/situations/etc. All of the normals are while Twelve is AD-ing BTW

Air to Air:
AXE(:lp: Version)

Air to Ground:
DRA(Any Version)

Air to Ground:(Wakeup)

More to come…

Meaty NDL is possible and u can link a cr. LK off of it if in range

Ahh thanks Soundatron. Bigass Jumping/Air-Dashing section to come soon.

EDIT: Godfuckingdammit I had JUST finished the AD section and my comp dies on me…fucking GREAT X_X

Anti-Air LP, XNDL
Anti-Air MK, XNDL
Air-to-air MP, XNDL
Air-to-air MK, XNDL
Anti-Air AXE (LP) (1-hit), walk-up MK (reset), Instant XFLAT
Air-to-Air IAD MP, XFLAT

overall dont worry about resets with Twelve. Both supers require only one parry to end both supers making these resets rather useless. Only use if your playing a complete n00b. Espcially for the XLFAT resets since against a airborne opponent the XLFAT will hit 10 out of 18 hits. In addition, in Twelve’s case a XFLAT does pretty good damage and the 10 hits are rather meh damage.

First post updated…IAD-ing shit to come SOON.

IAD secti0n FINALLY added!

Ken, everyone’s favorite scrub to whore out to the maximum. And he is Twelve’s greatest threat. Shall we go over in why Ken CAN and WILL beat you.

SRK (LP). Sure he has his Shinryuken, cr. HP, standing close HP blah blah who cares but to keep you grounded all he needs is that god damn jab SRK. And what is Twelve’s game revolved around? That’s right, air dashing! This is the only thing that sets Twelve apart and makes him somewhat decent. Regardless of the attack, the angle or w/e, CAPCOM’s favorite Anti-Air will hit you.
The corner. Now I have not ever really played Ken cause I depsise arian nazi bastards like him. In addition, I have not played 3S for quite a while. So I dont know his corner trap(s), but I do know he has them. And what can Twelve do about them. Block? Parry? Ok maybe, but there’s that damn mix-up. Well maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll back out. No not likely. random XNDL? Um no he stuffs you with a cr. MK, SA3.
Then there are all of the other obvious reasons. Great ground game, cross-up MK, dash up throw mix-ups, kara SRK, etc.

In order to really master such a match you must develop a sorta ground game. I understand this is 3S and spamming long range attacks like in SF2 dont work much anymore. Sorry you are stuck with it here. You wanna keep Ken away cause in close you cant do much but um uhhh oh yeah throw him, WOOT WOOT! Your main tools for such a task will be standing MP, standing LP, cr. MK, standing HK, NDL’s and jump-back HP.

“Patience is a virtue”, fuck why did they have to be right. But yeah for this match you must have patience young grass hopper. You almost have to play like Chun-Li, walkin back n forth waitin out to land a super. This is where the pokes come in. Whiff them from a safe distance, walk in and out. Keep giving Ken the illusion you may try to put up some attempt of an offense. He may start to throw out random SRK’s (LP), sweeps or cr. MK’s. Now we got us a footsie war. This is where IADing comes in handy. Regular air dashing can be too risky. You want to AID whiff HK to bait him for SRK’s. Position yourself to land barely out of range and punish him for it. You’ll find yourself doing this alot. Maybe throw in a short Air-Dash to DRA to throw him off. Best tools for punishment I always thought was MK. Hits low, he literally lands on it from recovery or XNDL if you have the bar. Sure you could dash-up throw. But my philisophy is the more command inputs the more room for error right, but throwing is good nonetheless. Just keep in mind the jab SRK has ungodly recovery at least imo, its SF2HF Ken all over again I SWEAR!

WATCH OUT, it’s cross-up MK. First instinct block, whoops wrong direction. Ok we’ll try AXE, ok maybe. But it’s more simple than that. Walk forward and he totally misses. than hit him low upon recovery.

Wake-Up, oh no dont do that he has SRK! Once again back to baiting for whiffed SRK’s. But one thing I would also use is max range NDL, block or parry ya safe. Or air dash max range HP so that the tip just hits. Blocked or parried you should be fine. land and hit them with standing HK. I swear so many Ken players have fallen for this. After the blocked HP they tried to sweep only to be out of range and get hit by HK. If ya wanna try for mix-up on wake-up like a cr. LK/UOH be my guest but remeber, in this match you wanna take the least amount of risks as possible.

If you end up directly above your opponent while ADing, throwing out an EX AXE will sometime cause you to float down onto them while your arms are flailing and hit them with the last couple hits of the AXE.

Meaty mp NDL is great with all shotos
it hits just out of Ken’s Shippu jinrai kyaku range and can beat some reversals

Watch for standing HK when dealing with chun-li, ken and people with fast, advancing super arts, if it’s blocked or even a hit,a SA will hit twelve, and doesn’t need to be reversal…

and IAD, whiffed attack, kara throw is just too good, heheh (watch for hugo and alex, though)

Twelve players might like this

credit to jack for recording this

That’s something that should be added to this thread actually, is some good kara throws.

kara throws arent something to worry about with 12. They dont advance his game at all. His kara throw btw is with MP.

MP, eh? But you say it isn’t worth using? Why is that?

the range on his throw is already good and throwing with 12 is simplicity itself cause it’s all he has for punishment without bar. Sure more range, but not by much. I mean Twelve has no real good throw mix-ups

true, but yamazaki uses kara throw all the time, when landing from a whiffed MK after IAD
(gives exact kara distance, and a neutral throw, setup preparing-wise)

hmmm…so he IAD’s, then MKs just before he hits them, and throws as soon as he comes down? and the spacing of the MK whiff makes you drop right on them for a neutral grab? interesting…

/watches more yamazaki vids

Another note about the crouching roundhouse: if you get stuck in a corner, and your opponent jumps towards you, use that move and you should be able to get underneath him and end up on the other side. Voila, who’s cornered now?

risky. I’ll stick to walking, low animation and can still stop to parry.

Yeah, that low animation is reeeeally useful. Fuck yo’ fireballs, shotos.

It is risky, but when you recover, immediately throw some fast pokes like Cr.LP or LK to minimize the chance of them hitting you on recovery.

Eh, not exactly. :l:+:mk: can be cancelled it lp A.X.E. against a parry happy opponent who is jumping in. It’s not nearly as useful as walk under > throw or EX N.D.L. but it works in a pinch.

Chun-Li can reversal super it, even if the poke hits. Most Chun-Li players don’t know that but bear it in mind anyway.

Don’t you mean only do this from max range? If it gets blocked up close, that’s a free max damage combo for the other player. From max range, if it’s blocked, you’re safe from everything bar reversal Shippu and the like. Also, it’s a decent-ish parry trap. When blocked from max range, most players will stick out a low poke afterwards, so you can option parry low and if they DID stick out a limb, you’ll get a parry and can cr.MK them, which pushes you away again (which is what you want).

You’ve missed off cl.MP xx SA1.

Also cr.LK xx SA1 makes it easier for noobs to punish wide open mistakes. cr.MP xx SA1 is hard for some people to do (they negative edge into NDL) and cr.LK xx LP AXE xx SA1 is even harder. I know I struggled with those two combos when I was first starting. Doing a naked SA1 demands a bit of timing, simply because the super is kinda slow to come out. So cr.LK xx SA1 seems a nice compromise.

I’m starting to think more and more that the air version of this move is Twelve’s most useful special move against jumping characters (Yun, Yang, Akuma, etc). It beats out a shit load of stuff and trades with others and DOESN’T NEED METER (EX DIVE is nice but you end up burning meter like a bitch if you rely on it). In some cases, it’s better to pre-empt jump attempts by using an air AXE as an AA than standing fierce. Also, this crosses up easily. Jump/super jump (depending on distance) towards your opponent and AXE just as you pass their head. You’ll randomly cross them up sometimes, so it’s better than free chip damage. It’s out and out free damage. Block or hit, you’ll be pushed too far away from them to retaliate.

Also, you can tiger-knee it for a throw mix-up. IAD lp, tiger knee AXE to hit through their tech-throw attempt. The timing is tight but it works like hell (jump towards HK is a ghetto version of the same mix-up).

Dude, that’s EXACTLY why it’s useful and should be used. If you alternate between IAD lp and IAD whiff MK/HP/HK, you’ll get a few easy throws per match. You can squeeze in the IAD whiffs in any air-dashing attack sequence for an easy throw too. That move is good and you should use it. What makes the MK one better than HP or HK whiff is if they jump away, the MK will still tag them.

Example: 0:15 on this video is a nice MK whiff > throw set-up ([media=youtube]tJ-0BxtvYfY[/media]). Jumping HK, air dash HK, jumping whiff MK, throw. Easy as shit and a good example of how to squeeze it into an attacking sequence.

I don’t want this to seem like I’m picking apart your post and generally being a prick, more that I want to build on what you started and get a proper, comprehensive Twelve guide up here! :slight_smile: