Twelve has a good tactic and short, short super? Read!

Need some ppl to check this stuff out. The short, short super is EXTREMELY difficult to do. The early j. rh is bomb. Read it all in the latest diary section on

The crouching shorts cancel into each other. I personally don’t do it, because the spacing gets really screwed up unless you’re right next to them when you start. Many, many times they get pushed back too far after the second one and the opponent can block before the super connects.

Early jumping roundhouse I use ALL THE TIME. You’re right, it’s awesome. I mostly do it on wakeup, as when you crowd people they often try to throw you, and you end up smacking their throw whiff. It’s good stuff.


Oh man the c. shorts are a BITCH to do consistently. I was just messing around today and there are very few times where I have been more frustrated trying to combo something. What were they thinking when they made them so hard to combo. And you’re def right about spacing issues. Most of the time the super doesn’t even connect lol. I guess they thought Twelve was too broken? haha