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Can you link C.Stg[Crouching Strong] into SAI without meatying it???

Ok well, I found out that I can Link it, but I have another question.

Im trying to find out if theres away t combo into a EX.NDL? I tryed everything. Also, after landing a EX.NDL in corner, there in a juggle state. It seems like his S.Jab and Short and C.Jab and Short take away 2 juggle points and everything else takes like 6. So the Most damaging thing I can do on stun is EX.NDL, S.Jab, S.Jab, SA1. Is that it?

Er… yeah. Not worth wasting meter on, unless you’re going for a fancy KO. Just stick with s.strong xx SAI. Same goes for EX NDL combos, generally speaking, not worth wasting your meter on.

Ok, thnx

I saw on the link encylopedia vid on a crouching Hugo you can, cr. MP, link cr. LK to SA1. And of course you got the obvious UOH links like

UOH, cr. LK, SA1
UOH, standing MK, SA1 (I’ve only tried this on a cornered Q)

but when I first got 3s for DC I found you can do meaty NDL, cr. LK but I never tried cancellng the LK to SA1 or AXE (i found this combo like after having the game for like a week and that was years ago so dont take my word for it lol)

any time you land a low lk, go into lp whip, sa1.

as for setting up ex ndl, nothing combos into it. not close mk, not low lk, not mp. it’s sad.

Very sad

LOL. This guy is always asking about what can combo into what. Frame data should help you figure it out but seriously, if you try it out in training mode and it doesn’t work…it more than likely doesn’t work (unless you’re totally missing something as far as the execution of the combo). You don’t need to combo into EX NDL any ways. Just bust that crap on wake up after a couple throws and people will eat that shit in the face. Just gotta pressure them enough so that they’ll be afraid to reverse you on wake up. A fully connected EX NDL can do up to 30 percent of the life bar especially if they were crouching.

You definitely need to watch some tournament footage of Yamazaki’s Twelve. Twelve is like the 3S version of Vega (without the awesome pokes). Not as reliant on combos but his maneuverability makes him a tough character to hit. His ability to insta air dash makes him a real threat against characters that can’t AA him effectively. The only combos you need with Twelve are c.LK, qcb+LP to SA1 or s.MP to SA1. Everything else is just pressure strings and IAD mix ups. Work on your IAD pressure mix ups instead of worrying about negligible combo strings for a character that doesn’t rely on them.

standing MK, SA1 is also good but I didnt know EX NDL on wake-up (when 12 is down) worked or did I get mixed up?

Well when people say “wake up” the term usually means doing an attack while the opponent is on the ground. So if I’m using Alex and I do a s.HP as they are getting up…that would be a wake up move for Alex. Doing a reversal DP with Ken while getting up from being knocked down is more so like an “anti-wake up”. That’s what I like to call it any ways.

So yes, I was referring to using the EX NDL on wake up as soon as the opponent gets back up from a grounded position. Throws people off after a good few IAD mix ups. Rather difficult to parry on reaction as well (especially if you’ve been pressuring them right). Of course this should be used sparingly though as just spamming it over and over on wake up will eventually just get it parried or just blocked. Using EX NDL is an anti wake up would just be retarted though. It takes a good half second just to come out.

Um… you have it backwards, Devil Jin. Wake up is what YOU do when YOU are getting UP… hence the term ‘Wake-up super’. You ‘wake up’ off the ground and do the super… this also applies to ‘wake-up parry’… you get up off the ground and parry immediately.

I don’t really have a term for when your opponent is waking up and you’re standing on top of them… I guess this is the time you say it’s Anti-Wake up.

Really? I always thought it was the other way around. :lol:

Where can I find tournament footage of yamazaki’s twelve?

Forget Combo strings, work on making a list of mixup and poke strings

Stuff like air Dash RK, standing FK, super jump cancel IAD crossup, air FP, land and throw/cr. LK super.

He’s got heaps of possible options depending on what angle your coming in at or even if you are faking an air attack at all. Air Dash RK to avoid anti-air punishment can set up a huge opening.

Twelve Zelda

Dont waste your time with this stuff. Work on your mixup with him or your IADs.

Yup early air-dash HK is good, espcially after ladning a throw on a Shoto since most will throw out a SRK.