Twelve matches!

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3 matches of Twelve! I see some good use of his Air Dash in here ppl!
Plus it shows the main basic use of how to play and win with 12:
Oh and credits to SickPuppyTerror of for the vids

Good vid but for some reason I dont get why that ryu player didnt just throw out dragon punches to get out of the corner or why the makoto player didnt tech out of all them throws.

nice vids man. Loved them

I noticed that in the Makoto match at least they’d Grap Defense since Makoto’s wake-up is usually HCB+K.
Man Yama play a really good 12.

Hmm Yamakazi, love his IAD skills. The thing is that when he did those 18 throws in the corner against Makoto, the Makoto learned to dash out of the corner after only 18 throws and after losing 1/2 heath. Very smart by the Makoto considering her standing jab cancels out his IAD HP, cuz its always a wiff. I duno… I’m very torn on Yamakazi. Where he did take the IAD and make good use for it, he is and abuser. The thing is that any other character can out prioritize Twelve while hes in the air. If he played somebody who knew what they were doing in those matches he’d be grounded the whole match. That Makoto didn’t try one single anti-air attack. Genius. Is Yamakazi really revolutionary or is he just lucky and nobody’s smart enough to thry that on him. If I ever played him (as anybody) I’d sit there and do anti-airs all day. What’s he gonna do… dash at you? Throw you? He just doesn’t play a good Twelve, IAD aside. Sitting there and doing the same shit over and over becuase your opponent is so stupid they can figure out that sitting there blocking in the corner and getting thrown isn’t the way to win a match. I duno thats just my take on his style of Twelve. No disrespect though, he’s brought major props to the goo-man, but winning by playing bad.

this guy is right and is probably the only twelve player that has ground to say it. Yama lives and dies by his IAD mixup. twelve has much more to his game as I have seen from Mert (great evasion skills, use of taunt, pokes, etc.)

:wow: Wow didn’t know I’m getting so much love. But I do devote my 3S game to Twelve and just say what I feel from expirence. Thanks for the respect :karate:

Yeah I couldn’t believe the IAD to throw 10 times lol. But part of it is this. Let’s say u play with Ken. After maybe 3 connected sweeps. The oponnet wil lthink liek this and this may sound dumb “Ok 3 sweeps, not faliin for that cause I know he’s going high this tiem so I won’t even bother to block low cause I know he wont do that again cause I can’t fall for it all the time!” Plus some ppl never ever play against 12. Everyone plays against Ken so much that they could beat a Ken player even if they were stoned lol. You can’t beat your opponent without knowing anything about them.

The thing about IAD though is that anybody elses standing moves would outprioritize it becuase if he kept doing the KP / HK in the air it won’t even connect, it just does guard stun for a tick. So the Makoto could have just stood there and jabbed and beat out that. Or dash 1/2 an hour earlier. Besides if you guess wrong vs. Twelve what’s he gonna do? There is 0 punishment for Twelve, w/o super. Even with super its pitiful. Poor Twelve :karate:

Nice movie…

I take back what i said about yama after watching the video again. He knows his twelve pretty well.

I just wish he would punish his opponents a little better. You can use your super after you parry the opponent up close, man! Other than that I love Yama.

Yamazaki does seem a little more rush-down oriented than some of the other Twelves I’ve seen but I’m sure he has more. The reason he kept going for the tick throws is probably because they kept working. If you get 3 in a row, it probably means the person doesn’t know how to get out of it so you might as well keep going.