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Another Thread for Twelve

twelve thread is closed??? nazis!!! haha…just kidding…

well, it’d be nice for 12 fanboys to have a thread…dont’ just kill us right off…there’s like, not a whole lot…but but but…give us some break!

corner only, ex ndl, ex headdive…for 26 poionts damage…uses two ex meters…so good is twelve??? =D

one hit antiair air flair, then juggle afterward…good luck with that one…nothing seems possible except a one hit sa1. maybe, maybe, one hit anti air arm flair, then sa2…tiger knee that sexy dive…


lately i’ve been walking up to jumpins and throwing, which works extremely well. it seems that tweleve(sic)'s height is too low while walking for jumpins to hit.

the question is, which jumpins can be avoided by tweleve by just walking?

thanks in advance for comments.

p.s. thongboy- i’ve tried that airdash you told me (up-forward then forward), but didn’t work in the arcade. i don’t think the game registers up-forward or down-forward as a dash attempt, because i’ve tried up-forward x3, but still wasn’t airdashing.

up-forward, forward works for me.

?! :eek:


The air dash trickery **definately** works in the 'cade.

You have to time it right. You can’t dash immediately after take off… there is like 2 or 3 tenths of a second you have to wait. its noticably slower than the normal ground-dash of every character.
When you master it you can do this : up+forward, forward, and the make the fierce punch land a hit! Normally the dashing is done too fast, and the fierce punch whiffs. (which isn’t necessarily bad either, becaue its a good feint into a throw.)
To get the timing just test out the jump back + back air dash and cancel it out with roundhouse to land early. Builds meter nicely.
The strength of the air-dashing happens when your the normal starting distance away, and you do a normal jump backward, and then forward+forward dash. nice 'n low. and do A) fierce, B) roundhouse, or C) whiff (I suggest an early roundhouse.)
Its quite a different reflex to train properly.

whoa, ok, i was obviously mistiming it. thanks people.

just one question then, does the upforward -> forward airdashing work only before a certain amount of time in the air? in other words, can you reach the peak of your jump with upforward and then tap forward to airdash?

i doubt it, but just making sure.

thanks again people.


Short answer is : No.

The dash up+forward, forward air dash will fail if done too quickly. Too quickly being the timing of say Kens dash in normal play.
A little slower and you'll be sailing at about head level. At the very extent of this height its possible to land a fierce, or roundhosue. but much easier to land a strong, or jab.
After that you want to be doing a normal jump, and then just the ususal dash (forward, forward) to get some low flying assault going.

The other usfuly range is to super jump up high, air dash and use the roundhouse because it has such an extension downward that you can basically hit them on the ground from the peak or you jump… Great in corner mix-ups.

i’ve found that Tiger Knee motion + extra tap works, as well as being just massively fast with the joystick.

I have a misc. Twelve fact for all of you. Twelve can duck under Urien’s EX-Fireball. Not walk, but duck. Try it.

thats hillarious man.good way to embarass ur opponent. 2 bad not many good uriens waste meter on EXMSs.

btw, chun and makoto can do that too.


to do a fast air dash tap up-forward and forward. for me i have to tap it fast (2 taps within half a second).

if your fast enough you can just jump then do 2 taps in the direction you want to fly to and 12 will fly at the same height as the up-forward/forward taps. i prefer this method going to the right whereas the top method is best for going to the left.