Twelve sketches a day

Woot- Welcome to my very own sketch thread!:bgrin: Thanks to the encouragement in the CSFAC4 thread.

I’ll start by dumping my 2 most recent works.

I think this is the most realistic portrait I’ve ever drawn on PS. It’s time I draw more!

This one is kinda SFMC-esque (not that I’m anywhere near his level of skill). I always liked the soft, storybook-like style he used, if that’s the best way to describe his work. I hope I can develop this technique further.

Contrary to popular belief, I won’t be able to post 12 sketches a day.:sad: But I’ll try to update it weekly. And yeh CptMunta, I’m in the mood to draw me some Jojo characters now so expect some ORAORAORA.:bgrin:

As always, comments & critiques are welcomed. Especially since I’m experimenting some new brushing techniques lately.

Thanks for stopping by!

MudaMUDAMUDA!!! :bgrin:

Hell yeah! Bring it on. I wanna do a 3D pavement art piece of Star Platinum and Jotaro Punching through the ground. Already done the first sketches and started working out the 3D. Maybe I should start up a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure thread that we can dump our JoJo fandom in.

Rad work man! Loving the chalky Black and white styles. It’s pretty incredible how close to charcol and white chalk the brushes you are using.

sweet brush works, 12. I’m a little dissapointed in the quantity of sketches delivered vs promised, but these two make up for it in quality hehe.

yay, 12 returns!


Wow, great stuff! Please post more soon!

how do you get that texture?

That Jojo pavement sounds rad. Go do it now! Gogogo! And I like the idea of creating a Jojo thread, but I think we’ll be the only 2 ppl who’ll participate.:sad: O well…

Dreaded Fist
Sorry man I’m a very slow worker.:wasted: And I sleep a lot too aheheh.

Master Chibi
Hopefully for good.:bgrin: But then I tend to disappear for a couple of months after that… :looney:


Rabid Wombat
Mayang has all the textures you need.:smile:

Thanks everyone! Will post a new pic soon!

but how do you actually use em? any chance you can give a quick lesson.

welcome back 12 :slight_smile:
I like both pics a lot… the 1st is an intreresting mesh of styles, while the 2nd just has a lot of atmosphere to it. It’s like a pregnant pause in a story and it just makes me curious as to what happens next.

your art is sweet stuff dude … although i still can’t make the relation that people mentioned about our art being similar!

Did this after seeing an uber cute Katamari cosplay.:lovin:

Rabid Wombat
Wait, before we get into any more confusion, are u talking about the background texture or the brush texture?

Hey thanks for the very cool n descriptive comments. This is actually a semi-early concept art for a new animation I have in mind.:bgrin: So anyway, when are we gonna see your own sketch thread?

I think those who knew me long enough are referring to the old Mr.Twelve circa 2000.:smile:

Oh god have I been here for almost 7 years now? Somebody go fetch my dentures…

i still don’t see it!!

oh well. was that katamari picture all digital?


i like your style. hmm that seems to be all i have to say =D

I don’t see the resemblance either.

That Katamari pic is really

reaaaaaaaaaaallly sweet, 12. My only gripe is the scarf seems cut-out since there isn’t a pattern or any shadings on it. This one tops the cake. Great simple forms w/o over rendering.

Did a quickie, nothing biggie.

I’m outside your window, watching you sleep.

I think it’s always fun to draw subjects that you enjoy drawing. But to draw something genuinely creepy, now that in my opinion is a pretty difficult task to do. This pic hasn’t really reached that point yet, the point where it hits the viewer’s nerve. Ah well, I’m still happy with the final result.:smile:

Well… for starters, we both have a knack of not drawing noses.:bgrin: Hahaha ok I’ll stop. The Katamari pic is entirely done on PS. It’s sad to say but I usually take the pure digital route nowadays.

Only Yamazaki
Thanks for the kind comments!:bgrin:

Dreaded Fist
Hey thanks for the fine critique. Yeh the scarf does seem out of place, doesn’t it? I was going a little experimental with that, trying to mesh some flats with tones.:smile:

That’s it for now! Please do come again for my next drawing update!

Oh man…I really like that one. It’s eerily creepy. Kudos.

I like the cloudy atmosphere outside the window. Reminds me of Tim Burton films. Kudos!

Can you do a new Necro pic?

Greta art by the way, it’s awesome!

that’s really an eerie drawing style there the sketch lines add drama to it.XD

Another quickie. Sunday breeze. Semi-inspired by Ashley Wood’s brilliant brushwork.

Bloody hell I accidentally flattened all the layers and saved it over my working file. I don’t suppose there’s any way to unflatten it back? I’m such an idiot sometimes.:mad:

Thanks! It was fun to do something different for a change.:smile:

Dreaded Fist
Thanks man. Now that you mention it, even the character design kinda looks Tim Burton-ish.:sweat: I swear I wasn’t trying to copy him!

Since you have a fine taste in picking out a good character, I’ll take on your request.:bgrin: Expect a Necro on my next update.

Yeh I think the sketchy lines worked out pretty well.:smokin: Thanks for stopping by!