Twelve..the useless wonder

DA GAME was re-experimenting with Twelve…WHY IS HE EVEN IN THE GAME?He has no combos none whatsoever.Let DA GAME take that back,the only good combo he has is MK<super jump cancel>XX X.F.L.A.T.That’s it!!! Someone tell DA GAME why would they bother putting him in the game if he wasn’t going to be worth a damn?

because he’s differnent, not a stereo-type char. like a black boxer, not a recycled sprite, not a Shoto scrub

things that CAPCOM are known for u know :smiley: so STFU and get outta here Twelve hater.

DA GAME should learn to speak in the first person xx XNDL is probably better because I really doubt you can hit any sane person with close MK sjc. XFLAT unless you parried something and if you’re standing there to just parry something… well… not sure you should be playing Twelve.

I gotta try to add that line in my sig :smokin:
Also if you want a neat combo do Jumping HK–>SA I
…and seriously doesn’t 12’s Standing :hp: give you an orgaism everytime 12 does it?

The thing about Twelve is that you can’t play him like a regular Third Strike character. Every other 3S character can Parry and punish. And most high level players base thier game that was with Ken, Chun, Dudley, Yun, Ryu ect. Every character has some sort of powerful combo to do after parrying with the exception of Twelve. Even with his superart (XNDL) stored a parry into cr. shortxx AXExx XNDL does shitty damage, as far as superart damage goes. Twelve needs to land many pokes to win a match, and parrying isnt worth the risk to try to land his pitiful combos, espically for the damage he takes.

So I guess my answer to you, DA GAME, is that Twelve is in the game because Capcom created a new character and they came up with some interesting conecpts that were a bit flawed (such as basing his game around air dashing) but they should fix him up if/when the next Street Fighter comes out.

They better fix him up.AI Twelve thinks he’s the shit when DA GAME goes against him.Poke,air dash,poke,poke,poke,air dash,super.If Capcom gives him some decent moves & combos DA GAME will be happy

Twelve is a fine character, he doesn’t need more combos. All he really needs is better stamina; if he had the same stamina as un-taunted Q, for example, he’d become much more playable. He could probably use a couple other things, more damaging throws, less recovery on a couple moves, but he doesn’t need too many tweaks there. Mert’s right, he isn’t a regular 3s character and shouldn’t be played like one.

Twelve has combos like j.HK, s.MP to XNDL and c.LK, qcb+LP to XNDL. Those are like his only two good combos but that’s still better than nothing. XFLAT is a horrible super. Never mention that super again unless you like losing with Twelve.

agreed XFLAT sux. Stylish and high damaging - yes. Easy to connect - lol not even close

If you’re wanting combos with Twelve you should be playing some other character, or Magneto

lol no shit. That’s why I like him, he has no real fancy combos, because even when I get the chance to land one I always throw lol

welcome to the art of air footsies…

Air footsies? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

not when my feet is stompin on yo face :wink:

will he does use attacks with his feet in the air I dont know if HK counts since it’s basically a spike and LK is a knee lol

:rofl: Too true…

I wanna go to Cali just to fight against your Twelve lag free. I bet you stomp on some peepz with the flying beast at the arcade. :tup:

Anyone Notice XFLAT does 18 hits not only on a grounded opponent, but during opponent prejump frames, as well as immediately at the start of the jump?
Also XFLAT does 10 hits in the air, but also during landing frames! Weird.

ok I’m lost ^