Twelve tournament worthy?

So is he? I mean I don’t see too many people giving him a chance. After watching and reviewing Thongboy’s Twelve video (apparently i was a little late on that) I was inspired to pick up twelve and devote my time to him…is it worth it?

No more or less than anyone else.

If you like playing with him, use him. You have to be significantly better than the person you’re playing against to win with him, though.

Playing against random people I win all of the time. No problems. Playing against people you’ve heard of, I lose at least half. Twelve has horrible defense, almost no combos and needs meter for pretty much anything you want to do. It’s an uphill battle the entire time, but if it’s fun for you you won’t notice.

No one should have to tell you who to pick.


yeah james, just play whoever you like to play with, seriously. if you want it enough and have the time you can win. but its damn near hopeless with any bottom tier character haha.

Just pick dudley or akuma!!!
J/k nah i like 12, against shit players u’ll rape them, cause they will have no idea what to do. Any character can be used look at chikyuu for god’s sake he beat’s alot of good players with twelve!! It’s 3s anything can happen baby! Good luck with him. Thongboy where can I get ur vid.

Look in the Tutorial section, under 3s. I’ve got two up there.


Your video owns thongboy… I love streets of rage so that like just sucked me in. I play twleve too, i like him, so many people have no idea how to play him… He’s just fun, if i get serious i’ll use akuma or dud’s, maybe hugo, but 12 is just too much fun for sure. ur vidoe has helped me alot though man thanks alot.