Twelve vs Chun

I’m new to twelve and aside from getting crushed by ken, i get crushed by chun. any tips?

The basics are:

  • Attack from the air. Chun has no consistent anti-air, so she has trouble keeping Twelve out. The only thing you have to work your way around is Chun’s back + fierce but if you mix-up your air attacks (which you should be doing anyway), it won’t be that big a problem. Use IAD to get in Chun’s face and all the normal IAD options (FP/FK for throw set-ups, LP for tick throw set-ups, MP to beat out attacks) should work well against her. Also mix in normal jumps with FK, ‘normal’ air dashes and EX dives if Chun tries to meet you in the air with neutral jump FK (probably her best anti-air). You’ve got a lot to work with to get around Chun’s few options.

  • If Chun parries your air attacks, she’s either going to go for cr.MK xx SAII or close FK, which leads to a kara-throw/cr.MK xx SAII mix-up when Twelve lands. Either way, block low. Eat the throw. That should be a slogan lol.

  • Besides EX SBK and EX lightning legs, Chun has sucky wake-up options, so if you knock her down and she has no meter, it’s worth trying for cr.LK, LP AXE xx SAI. Hit confirm it, obviously :wink: If you get a knockdown from a throw or sweep, use IAD FK to close the gap - should open up Chun’s defence a little and make it easier to land the cr.LK, LP AXE xx SAI combo as she gets up.

  • Use EX NDL for when Chun tries to build meter. Which will happen at some point.

  • I don’t think Chun can punish a max range FP from the air if parried. She might be able to super it but I’ve not seen any Chun player even try this. Anyone?

  • You shouldn’t be fighting on the ground against Chun but if you do end up close and on the ground, just use cr.MK to push you out of range, then start the flying mix-ups again.

  • Never, ever, ever use standing FK on Chun with Super. Even if it hits her, she can reversal Super you. I’ve seen plenty of Chun players who will try this.

This fight is actually surprisingly easy for Twelve in comparison to most of his match-ups, the only thing you have to really watch out for is back + fierce which beats his air stuff and, of course, xx SAII. On the ground, Chun can blaze through Twelve’s pokes with back + fierce, which obviously combos into super, so try stay in the air. Speaking from experience, Chun players don’t tend to take the fight to the air against Twelve but if she does, use EX dive to cut through her. The only reason this match-up tilts in Chun’s favour is her SAII but even then, it’s only a slight advantage. With practice, you’ll look forward to this match-up far more than you will do against Ken :wink:

Chun no anti-airs??? that is bullshit!

b + HP
standing far MK
jumping LK/MK
crouching HP
max range HP on a deep jump
LP (reset)

I’ve played many Chun-Li players who know what they were doing and used all of these against me.

Trust me not an easy match.


Read more carefully cam, I said no CONSISTENT anti-airs. That’s why Twelve is considered one of Chun’s harder match-ups and Chun one of Twelve’s easier match-ups. When I played CIV at the Neo-Empire tournament, he switched from Chun to Urien - the only time I’ve ever seen him switch characters and he was the best player in the UK. I asked why he did this afterwards and he said it was because Chun had no anti-airs. Other Chuns say the same, which is why you see so many neutral jump against Twelve, to try and swat him with neutral FK.

b + HP is the only reliable anti-air Chun has that is useful because it beats out ALL of Twelve’s shit. I’ve even had it knock me clean out of an EX dive.

Standing far MK can be beaten by IAD MP. Crouching HP can be beaten by air dash FK, IAD LP. Max range HP can easily be avoided with a normal air dash. LP can be beaten by air dash FK, IAD LP, IAD MP. All of them can be avoided with other mix-ups (air dash cross up FK, air dash FP AXE, etc). All of them beaten by EX dive. As for jumping LK/MK… LOL I’d love to play any Chun player stupid enough to use that.

Like I said, the only thing that keeps this match in Chun’s favour is SAII. Twelve has to keep chipping away, chipping away, chipping away while Chun only needs one or two parries to land that dreaded SAII. It’s a lot of work for Twelve but there’s absolutely no way you can say Chun’s anti-airs own Twelve because that’s just straight up BS.

Just would like to add to the situation where you and Chun are on the ground and close. Careful with the If the whore has meter, she’s gonna parry low. Make her think twice with a close mk sj cancel (if you’re close enough). Gets you away and makes her think about where she’s gonna parry next time, plus you’re in the air and possibly gaining the offensive.