Twelve vs. Oro (and others?) questions

Now, I know most people would just ask how to deal with Yun, Chun, and Ken, with the occasional Dudley, Urien, and Makoto, but I play against enough of these to let me develop decent strategies.

Unforuntately, we have an Oro player here (plays Q as well, but Q, Alex and Hugo are the least of my worries as Twelve), and, try as I might, I can find absolutely no way of defeating Oro. Double-jumps destroy any chance at landing a s.HP, his homing EX projectile makes rushdown difficult, and the bastard is in the air a LOT so I usually just end up wasting EX on EX N.D.Ls. Plus, if I do get the short little leper in the corner, I gotta deal with his SRK. And, I’m probably wrong on this, but it feels like Oro’s lack of height hurts Twelve’s jump-in game.

Any Twelve vs. Oro experience in here that any of you would be willing to share to help me out? Or any other tough Twelve matches, particularly odd ones, that deem worthy of mentioning?

P.S. – I know I’m not that great at the game, and my Akuma got its butt kicked at the last Evo (though I did beat Tragic and made him cry), so I apologize if I’m missing something very obvious. Be gentle with the internet-style abuse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven’t played against many Oro’s but I’m a huge 12 player (2 busy fightin those Chun & Ken groupies) but here’s some basic stuff

Don’t jump or air dash. If you antcipate a LP projectile from full screen DRA (HK) over it. If you do air dash, whiff a short HK to land as close as possible and to stay outta AA range as best as possible

Never do wake-up on him, best thing to do is stand right on top of him, then walk out of range at the last second causing the Spiral to whiff in case they do it, walk/dash up and throw or punish with EX NDL or XNDL.

With Oro you gotta really be patient, if he keeps you grounded and far away use NDL’s and slowly build your way in, look for mistakes

What cam said, plus a few extra pointers.

If you get close, then start the air dash mix-ups. Even from further than sweep distance, you can still air dash to a certain extent. It’s not like fighting Urien because 1) Oro’s projectile is way smaller and 2) Oro doesn’t have Urien’s potential to do huge combos off the projectile. You say you’ve developed decent strategy for dealing with Urien, so you’ll know it’s the same deal here - air dashes are fairly safe from projectiles once you’re within a certain distance.

But FFS, whatever you do, don’t get parried. Mix up your air attacks. Most players can punish you fairly hard if they correctly guess and parry one of Twelve’s air attack, Oro more than most. Parry > MP launcher = GGPO (most Oro players will pick SAIII for this very reason). To throw off the parry, use air dash > dive, air dash > tentacles, air dash > cross up FK, TK EX dive, IAD > MP, IAD > FP/FK, IAD > dive, everything in Twelve’s arsenal. He has plenty of options to throw off parry timings, if you want to attack.

s.MP isn’t the best poke for this match. Oro can duck it easily and, even worse, tag the limb with s.FK. c.MK is still kinda useful, just don’t rely on it.

Psychic FP isn’t a great option for Twelve anyway, IMO, but even less so in this match thanks to Oro’s double jump. You can psychic FP, he can psychic double jump. Walk under > throw is how you deal with a jumpy Oro. Throw Oro towards the nearest corner so you have the rest of the screen to work with, if you need to run away and build meter.

Don’t attack on your wake up, blocking is by far your best option. Rings true for most match-ups anyway but the risk of getting hit by c.MK > grab or MP launcher heavily outweighs the reward here.

Honestly, I’d just runaway and build meter for the entire match. Twelve is more mobile at running than Oro is at chasing. If you try to rush him down, you’re playing into his hands. I’ve fought enough Oro players to know that parry > MP launcher really, really hurts Twelve.

Just played an Oro player recently. The keep-away is the hardest problem. You can walk-under the LP projectile but only walk, then block or be psychic and parry. Unlike some ppl who u can walk to s. MP on. Yet at the same time, being close ain’t that great either. Don’t let Oro knock you down either, UOH’s, sc. MK to command throw and SA2 or EX projectile. A good Oro player knows how to play really tricky. I honestly think the best thing is to short air-dash (as in stop early with a HK) and punish whatever he throws out

any info of 12 vs necro ??

That’s another match I dont get enough of. The problem with this match is he has several anti-airs, Knee Missile, Electric Blaster, crouching MP, Necro Upper to Elbow Cannon, far standing HK, and Magnetic Storm. This makes air-dashing a problem, instant air-dashing on the other hand is ok. However, I’ve never played a Necro who really based him game on landing anti-airs against me lol. But Necro just has such a good versatile anti-air for every angle, leading to both juggles and resets. And do not get in the corner either. Another problem is Twelve’s wake-up game. All Necro can do is either Slam Dance, b + MP to Tornado Hook, b + MP to SA1 or just the usual throw, parry or block. So try to use this to your advantage mix it up with standing close MK, sjc to air dash, tick throws, cr. LK to AXE, UOH’sAir-dash HK (whiff, cross-up etc.)

back to Oro, some Oro players will tend to throw MP fireballs from max range, use this to your advatage by dashing up MP, c. MK, NDL’s or XNDL. Due to this move you have to revolve around a ground game with standing MP, NDL’s, crouching LK x 2, crouching MK etc.

Hey, I’m the oro player he spoke of. I will say this, the blocking on wake up is definately the stuff. Oro is pretty punishable after most of his stuff wiffs, and his DP is punishable as any.

…anyways, back to practicing the cancel out of the juggle

can u share anymore, like more in depth what to do and what not to do

nice avatar lol

Quite frankly, I can’t remember much of anything that happens in my matches save the last 5 seconds or so. I will say that I do spam mp fireballs against him quite a bit, as well as EX fireballs. Also, I don’t parry a whole lot, but thats something I’m trying to work on.

…I don’t really think about whats going on durring a match that much.

Oh, and thanks on the av, it was courtisy of DarkGiygas

Forward throw into the corner into OTG SA1 ftw! Too bad it gets neutred by quickstanding, but if you happen to stun with the throw it’s decent at least
A nice setup for UOH ino SA1 vs Oro is close cLK, cMk, kara-uoh (with sMP), SA1:
after the cLK, cMK string the MP kara UOH barely hits oro if he’s crouching (SA1 links with no problems in this setup), but whiffs on a standing Oro.

Oro vs Twelve will be about who controls the ground better. Because as an Oro player, I want twelve in the air. Oro’s dash is his greatest weapon in this matchup. He can easily dash under or air parry. If you are twelve put your game around throwing oro in the corner and keep him there. Oros pokes beat twelves straight up. Oro’s Rh basically destroys air dash. Don’t be afraid to take/trade damage for Oro’s fireball. It does ok stun, but nearly no damage.

Play close to Oro, but not close enough to get hit by close standing strong. Running is kinda hard against him.